Marriage (2013)

The premiere held on 2013, 09. 21

Sergey Kutasov, director:“Why Gogol and why Marriage?”“The answer to the first question is obvious – because the author is a famous classic, which meana a constant interest; he is always relevant and up-to-date. As for “Marriage”…It has been staged thousands of times in the best theaters, and by great directors! What outstanding actors have played all these Podkolesins, Agafias and Kochkarevs!I think that today one should apply to Gogol as to a metaphysical writer, as the author, whose main topic is the presence of God in man.After all, the action of  “Marriage” takes place during Lent (which is very important), and the genre of the play is indicated by the author as “an absolutely incredible event”!After all, the main character is suffering because “Something is wrong”. And maybe his soul hurts? And if so, then why? And what is this strange word, that Podkolesin has forgoten? “And it’s a good word, but still I forgot”. And when the tempter Kochkarev brought him to meet his  bride , and immediately offers to get married in the church that evening, then where has Podkolesin comewhere and who is this “bride” he is having an affair with?These are the questions of  Gogol, we would like to find answers to in our version of the play. We hope that it will be intelligible and interesting to the audience”.

Running time: 2 hours.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Main Stage

Premiere was on 21 September 2013

Characters & Cast:

Agafya Aleksandra Blednaya
Arina Panteleimonovna
the aunt
Olga Gavriluk
Lidiya Konstantinova
The Matchmaker Elena Ivochkina
Employee, a court counselor
Mikhail Vaskov
his friend
Evgeny Karelskih
Oleg Forostenko
retired infantry officer
Vadim Aleksandrov
a sailor
Vladislav Gandrabura
girl in the house
Tatyana Kazuchits
Podkolesin’s servant
Andrey Zlobin
Sergey Shatalov


Director Sergey Kutasov
Set-designer Akinf Belov
Costume designer Marianna Sycheva
Music Dmitry Chuykov