Mikhail Vaskov

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1977, course of A.I. Borisov.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

“Vaskov is one of those persons who can be by right called actors of Vakhtangov school. Nature of acting, performance, tricks, and jokes is simply necessary to him; he swims in it; his talent manifests itself with all its faces because the actor masters the absolute freedom which is catching on stage”. (V. Fedorova) 

Ignatovich (Youth Of The Theatre)
Cat (Puss In Boots)
Shipboy Yurka (The Death Of Fleet)
Ivan (What People Life By)
Eskimo Fosherman (Mistery Buff)
Kudashov (The Thirteen Chairman)
Vorobyaninov (The Truth Of Memory)
Guardian (Maria Tudor)
Shestakov (Half-page Sitrep)
Charles Perkonian (Buyer Of Children)
Zhivec (The Deal)
Allilujah (The Zoika’s Flat)
Jule (Two Hours In Paris)
Fool (Sire Our Lord)
Truffaldino (Turandot, 1992)
Tartalia (Turandot, 1996)
Balzaminov (Balzaminov’s Marriage)
Pritykin (The Barbarians)
Scapin (Les Fourberies de Scapin )
Our Love (Notre amour)
Servant (Resurrction)
Brigella (King The Deer)
Svirid Golokhvostov (If you run after two hares)
Yusuf (Ali Baba And Forty Thieves)
Garel, direcotr of the theatre (Frederick of the Crime Boulevard
Schprich (Masquerade)
Koby (“The Old Lady’s Visit” The Haven)
Podkolesin (Marriage)
Athanasius Matveevich (Uncle’s dream)
Mr. Diafoirus (The Imaginary Invalid)

Theatre “Our House” (Dom Aktyora):
Landlord Smirnov (The Bear)
Lomov (The Offer)
Khitrin (The Jubilee)
Irina Muravyova’s non-repertory company:
Foma Schvydkoy (The Intrugant Wife)

The Northern Option, 1974
Afonya, 1975
The Citizens, 1975
From Dawn To Dawn, 1975
The First Flight, 1976
Enemies, 1977
Mom, I Am Alive, 1977
Mimino, 1977
Mrs Nikanorova Is Expecting You, 1978
Mistakes of Youth, 1978 – 1989
You Must Live, 1980