Adomas Jacovskis

Laureate of the national and international stagecraft awards, Laureate of the National Lithuanian Arts and Culture Award. 

Adomas Jacovskis was born 14 January, 1948 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

In 1973 he graduated from The Vilnius Academy of Art (Theatre Art Department). His first stagework was Strindberg’s Miss Julie.

In 1978-1983 Jacovskis worked as an Art Director of The Lithuanian Youth Theatre, since 1989 is a Professor of stagecraft in the Lithuanian State Art Academy.

Adomas Jacovskis has created stageworks for more than 80 dramas, operas and ballets both at home and in foreign theatres including such as The Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, The Lithuanian Youth Theatre, The Vilnius Maly Drama Theatre, LIFE Festival, The Lithuanian Opera House, The Kaunas Drama Theatre, The Riga National Opera House, The Modern Theatre (Poland), The Sovremennik Theatre, The Vakhangov Theatre, Rep Theatre (Scotland), The National Theatre (Iceland), The Gothenburg Theatre (Sweden) and many others.

Jacovskis has been working with Rimas Tuminas since 1994 on such plays as:  Smile to Us, O Lord by Kanovichus, Masquerade by Lermontov,  Mary Stuart by Schiller, Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Uncle VanyaWaiting for Godot by Beckett, The Auditorby Gogol The Woes of Wit by GriboedovThe Wind in the Poplars by Sibleyras, The HavenEugene Onegin by PushkinMinetti by Bernhard, Oedipus the king by Sofokl.

Adomas Jacovskis also works actively as a painter and participated in many national and international exhibitions.

Uncle Vanya (set design and costumes, 2009)
Masquerade (set design, 2010)
The Wind in the Poplars (set design and costumes, 2011)
The Haven (set design, 2011)
Eugene Onegin, 2013
Smile at us, O Lord, 2014
Minetti, 2015
Oedipus the king, 2016