Fake note


1 hour 30 minutes without intermission

The author of the play, Didier Caron (born on June 12, 1963) is a modern French playwright, actor and director.

He began his career as an employee of a small bank. But soon the creative nature of Caron demanded changes.

He tries his skills in literature, writes the first play ‘Charity on Demand’, which was staged at the ‘Splendid’ Theatre, and several short plays. He also performs as an actor in TV-series.

In 2002 his play ‘Present happiness’ gained recognition and success. Didier Caron shot a feature film based on the play.

Since 2008, Didier Caron leads one of the oldest and most popular theatres in Paris — Théâtre Michel. The repertoire includes two plays by Caron: ‘The Fake Note’ (one of the main parts is presented by Caron himself) and ‘The Garden of Alfonso’, — both productions are very popular.

‘The Fake note’ was written in 2017 and shown at the world-known festival in Avignon.

The story. The concert of a famous band-master Miller in Geneva has just ended. Maestro is displeased with the orchestra and extremely irritated. A spectator, who arrived especially from Belgium, enters Miller’s dressing room. He admires Miller’s music and hopes to get an autograph and a photo of maestro. But is it that simple or there is an ulterior motive? This meeting is going to change their lives, their lines of thinking. It will be a contest.

‘The Fake note’ is almost a detective story, where the victim and the hangman sometimes change places and keep the audience in suspense.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 15 September 2018

Characters & Cast:

Miller Aleksei Guskov
Dinkel Gennady Khazanov


Production Rimas Tuminas
Director Alexei Kuznetsov
Set design Adomas Jacovskis
Costumes Maxim Obrezkov
Composer Faustas Latenas
Translation Irina Prokhorova
Alecsandr Brailovskyi