Government Inspector (2002)

The performance “The Government Inspector” by the Lithuanian stage director R. Tuminas is a tough, ruthless story about Russia.

This is a country of barbarity and ungodliness. The only sign of civilization is a telegraph post on the forestage. Money is stored in the cellar, under potatoes. A servant in a tavern who brought a wrong bill is immediately beheaded with an axe. Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky are stoned to death. The final of the performance is a real apocalypse. Thunder rumbles, downpour bursts, the Gogol statesmen find themselves on a float, and postmaster has to catch them up on a boat. The church ruined by unpeopled starts furious revengeful motion in circle, sweeping away objects and people …

Main Stage

Premiere was on 12 April 2002

Characters & Cast:

Anton Antonovich Skvoznik-Dmukhanovskiy,
Sergey Makovetskiy
Anna Andreeva,
his wife
Lyudmila Maksakova
Nonna Grishaeva
Marya Andreevna,
his daughter
Nonna Grishaeva
Maria Shastina
Luka Lukich Khlopov,
college inspector
Andrei Zaretskiy
Artmiy Fillipovich Zemlyanika,
inspector of social departments
Dmitry Ulyanov
Pavel Safonov
Ammos Fedorovich Lyapkin-Tyapkin
Yriy Chursin
Ivan Kusmich Shpekin,
Sergey Epishev
Petr Ivanovich Bobchinskiy and Oleg Lopuhov
Petr Ivanovich Dobchinskiy Evgeny Kosyrev
Ivan Alexanderovich Khlestakov,
St.Petersburg’s official
Oleg Makarov
his servant
Alexander Pavlov
Mishka Leonid Bichevin
Avdotya Olga Gavriluk
Prokhorov Anatoliy Menshchikov
City ladies Inna Alabina
Liubov Korneva


Stage director Rimas Tuminas
Decorator Adomas Jacovskis
Costumes Decorator Marius Jacovskis
Lighting Sergey Martynov
Composer Faustas Latenas