Alexander Lebedev

Alexander Lebedev was born on August 20, 1914.He graduated from the Theater School B.V. Shchukin in 1937He served in the Theater. Eug. Vakhtangov from 1938 to 1979.Lebedev was a master of dramatic episodes. He has played hundreds of small roles.Lebedev was a permanent member of the local committee, considered it his duty every day to bypass the theater and to identify certain shortcomings in the work of farmers.

Alexander Lebedev died November 20, 1979.

Soldier (Man with a Gun 1937)
Servant in a gambling house (Masquerade 1941)
Podyachij (Woe to fear – happiness is not seen, 1954)
Iona Yushkov (Foma Gordeev, 1956)
Nat (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1958)
Servant (Hamlet, 1958)
Boozer and Lebedev (Idiot, 1958)
Ivan (Small Tragedies, 1959)
Kesha (Irkutsk Story, 1959)
Referee (The Living Corpse, 1962)
Host (Dundo Maroe, 1963)
SaltyThroat (The Trap, 1965)
The man and the Red Army soldier (Red Cavalry, 1966)
Selevk (Antony and Cleopatra, 1971)
Knight Witt, Farmer (Puss in Boots, 1974)
Priest (Richard III, 1976)
Sailor (Death of Squadron, 1977)
Host hotel (Two Gentlemen of Verona 1952)