Richard III (1976)

Richard III became one of the significant roles of M. A. Ulyanov. This was the first performance for many years to be created by a unified directorial idea. It spoke about an overall bail of evil. Everyone is engaged in their own strives. Here one murder prosily follows another murder.

Kaplanyan put Shakespeare on the stage with the fury and excessiveness characteristic of Armenian theatre. But Ulyanov was not afraid by the pressure of the directorial temper. The grotesque motive of the comedian craft became prevailing for his Richard.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 29 September 1976

Characters & Cast:

King Edward IV,
first York king
Alexander Grave
Harry Dunts
King’s sons
prince of Wales
Liubov Korneva
Inna Alabina
prince of York
Olga Gavriluk
King’s brothers
duke of Clarence
Evgeny Karelskih
duke of Glochester, then King Richard
Mikhail Ulyanov
John Morton,
Iliy’s bishop
Joseph Tolchanov
Duke of Backingham Aaleksandr Filippenko
Duke Rivers,
queen Elisabeth’s brother
Yuri Volintsev
Queen Elisbeth’s sons from the first marriage
Marquis DorsetEugeniy Shershnev
Alexander Galevsky
Lord GrayVladimir Vikhrov
Alexei Kuznetsov
Lord Hastings,
Grigory Abrikosov
Anatoliy Menshchikov
Lord Stenley Mikhail Semakov
Sir Richard Ratcliff Viktor Zozulin
Sir William Catsby Ernst Zorin
Vladimir Koval
Sir James Tyrell Mikhail Vorontsov
Aleksey Zerebtsov
Sir Robert Breckenberry,
Tower guard
Vladimir Pokrovsky
Aleksey Kotrelyov
Lord-Mayor of London Anatoliy Borisov
Konstantin Monov
Page Inna Alabina
Killers Vladimir Ivanov
Oleg Forostenko
Priests Alexander Lebedev
Semyon Khmara
State Council Aleksey Zerebtsov
Viktor Ermakov
Aleksey Kotrelyov
Konstantin Monov
Vadim Ruslanov
Queen, Edward IV’s wife
Alla Parfanyak
Duchess of York,
Edward IV’s mother
Elena Izmailova
Henry VI’s widow
Elena Korovina
Lady Anna,
Henry IV’s daugther in law
Lyudmila Maksakova
Irina Kupchenko


Production and decoration Rachiya Kaplanyan
Stage director Mikhail Ulyanov
Music director Feliks Aramyan