Elena Berseneva

Yelena Bersenyova was born in 1908 in Moscow.

In 1923-26 studied in the 3rd Moscow Art Theatre Studio.

In 1923-56 worked in the Vaktangov.

She died  27 December, 1956.

Liza (Lev Gurych Sinichkin), 1924
Zelima (Turandot), 1926
Lizanka (Zoika’s Flat), 1928
Zinochka (The Plot of Feelings), 1929
Sophie (Love and Intrigue), 1930
Antonina (Yegor Bulychev and Others), 1932
Cat Armand (The Intervention), 1933
Florville (The Human Comedy), 1934
Margarita Ivanovna (Aristocrates), 1935
Margarete (Much Ado About Nothing), 1936
Klara (A French Straw Hat), 1939
A drinks seller (Cyrano de Bergerac), 1942
Korinna (M-le Nitouche), 1944