Mam’zelle Nitouche (1944)

The premiere took place in December 1944 . The production caused indignation of the superiors: why should one twitch legs when so much blood is shed! The possibility of staging of an operetta by a dramatic theatre during the war looked suspicious. But the performance had a great success. It was sharp and light, no traces of efforts and sweat. The actors, real masters, played brilliantly, and all the youth was engaged in bright and gaily decorated crowd scenes. “Mam’zelle Nitouche” remained in the repertoire during many years. An illegal wartime masterpiece became a smash hit in Moscow.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 14 December 1944

Characters & Cast:

Denisa Galina Pashkova
Lyudmila Tselikovskaya
Augustin (Floridore) Vladimir Osenev
Sergey Lukyanov
Owner of the pansion Elena Ponsova
Colonel Anatoliy Goryunov
Ferdinand de Shamplatro Viktor Koltsov
Nikolai Gritsenko
Korinna ,
operetta theatre prima donna
Garen Zhukovskaya
Elena Berseneva
Nina Nikitina
Nikolay Plotnikov
Nikolay Pazhitnov
Theatre director Arkady Maryin
Stage director’s assistant
Eugeniy Maximov
Stage director of the American company
Nikolai Gritsenko
Vyacheslav Dugin
Ursula K. Sultanova


Production Ruben Simonov
Decorator Nikolay Akimov
Text of intermediates Nikolay Erdman
Lyrics for Music part Y. Galitskiy
Orchestration and Music for the 2nd act Aleksandr Golubtsev