Eleonora Shashkova

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of Poland

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School, course of L.M. Shikhmanova and V.K. Lvova.

In 1963 she was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Waitress (Married cook)
Laundress (The Trap)
Vestal (Dion)
Nastya (Konarmia)
A woman (Virinea)
Mamaeva (In every wiseman enough stupidity)
Dorimena (The Bourgeois Gentleman)
Katherina (Memory of the heart)
Lyalya (The Choice)
Farida (Lady Behind the Green Door)
2nd chairman (13th chairman)
German lady (Mistery Buff)
Envoy’s wife (Anna Karenina)
Ledyaeva (The Ladies)
Brother’s wife (The Cabinet Story)
Nerina (Scapin’s deceits)
A singer (If you run after two hares……)
Ivona’s aunt (Princess Ivona)
Wanderer (The Haven)

Two Lives, 1961
When cossacs cry, 1963
The silence, 1963
Veronica’s return, 1963
Kremlin’s messenger (TV-play), 1967
Resident’s mistake, 1968
Hunting drama (TV-play), 1970
About love, 1970
Resident’s fate, 1970
A Thousand of souls (TV-play), 1971
Shadows disappear in the mid-day, 1971-1974
The circus is lighting its lights, 1972
The open book (1973)
Seventeen moments of spring, 1973
I serve on the border, 1973
Konarmia (TV-play), 1975
Karlos Espinola’s Diary, 1976
It is all the brother, 1977
The Bourgeois Gentleman (TV-play), 1977
Cinderella (TV-play), 1978
Classmates, 1978
The Tropinins 1978
The Idiot (TV-play), 1979
Resident’s return, 1982
Before the war, 1982
And tears dropped 1982
Mistery Buff (TV-play), 1982
Talisman, 1983
Let the charming last 1984
Trip to the sea (Short film), 1985
Inconvenient man, 1985
Older brother’s wedding, 1985
The Thirteenth Chairman (TV-play), 1987
Bodyguard, 1991
Family secrets, 1999
If you run after two hares… (TV-play), 2001
Muchtar’s return, 2003
Female stories, 2006
Signs of love, 2006
Utyosov. Song as long as the life, 2006
Polina Subbotina’s adult life, 2007
Our sins, 2007
Law and order: Criminal intention (1-2 seasons), 2007
Mother-in-law, 2007
Adult games, 2008
I fly, 2008
Aerial acrobatics, 2009
Success at any cost, 2010
Zoya, 2010
The capital of sin, 2010
Triple life, 2012
A new year marriage, 2012
Dr. Zemsky. Return, 2013
Web-7, 2013
Three men in Komi, 2013