If you run after two hares… (1997)

Comedy in two acts

3 hours with 1 intermission

“A true comedy” – a review received from a theatre goer who came to enjoy the story of a feckless barber for the 4th time.People come to see the performance «If you run after two hares» more than once with friends and family and colleagues. Bright, colourful staging together with unpretentious story, well-known for the same-name film is a real feast for the spectators.The impoverished barber Svirid Petrovich Golokhvostov from Kiev dreams of fixing his financial state. He is planning to marry Pronya Sergeevna Serkova, an ugly daughter of wealthy parents. The barber already dreams of how he would spend his bride’s money, but it was not so easy to be. Pronya’s aunt, who is determined to marry her daughter Galya off to Golokhvostov as he introduces himself as a rich man, gets involved.   Mariya Aronova and Olga Tumaykina both play the part of Pronya Prokopovna. They are utterly different but both absolutely brilliant. Aronova’s rustic and boorish heroine together with pretentious, somewhat conceited Pronya played by Tumaykina bear company to the unfortunate gigolo Golokhvostov, performed by Mikhail Vaskov and Victor Dobronravov. Excellent cast, Ukrainian authentic scenery, songs and dancing are components of the successof this performance. Soap bubbles at the end of the performance happen to be memorable final notes of the marvellous colourful extravaganza. Running time: 2 hours 50 min

Main Stage

Premiere was on 28 October 1997

Characters & Cast:

Prokop Sviridovich Serko
Owner of the shop
Yury Kraskov
Yavdokia Pilipovna
His wife
Irina Dymchenko
Lidiya Konstantinova
Their daughter
Maria Aronova
Olga Tumaikina
Anna Antonova
Seklita Pilipovna Lymarikha
Serko’s wife’s sister
Olga Chipovskaya
Elena Melnikova
Her daughter
Anna Dubrovskaya
Irina Kalistratova
Maria Shastina
Alexandra Streltsina
Ekaterina Simonova
Svirid Petrovich Golokhvostov
Mikhail Vaskov
Victor Dobronravov
Andrei Zaretskiy
Golokhvostov’s friend
Andrei Zaretskiy
Roman Polyansky
Fedor Vorontsov
Golokhvostov’s friend
Alexander Ryshchenkov
Pronya’s friend
Elena Melnikova
Liubov Korneva
Pronya’s friend
Lidiya Konstantinova
Inna Alabina
Serko’s servant
Nonna Grishaeva
Vera Novikova
Maria Berdinskikh
Maria Rival
Lymarikha’s servant
Nina Nehlopchenko
Aleksey Kravchenko
Pavel Safonov
Egor Ravinsky
Victor Dobronravov
Dmitriy Kuznetsov
Alexander Soldatkin
Eleonora Shashkova
Irina Kalistratova
Lidiya Konstantinova
Elena Ivochkina
Irina Kalistratova
Elena Melnikova
Olga Gavriluk
Liubov Korneva
Alexander Galevsky
Alexander Pavlov
Vladimir Koval
Singer Irina Kalistratova
Lidiya Konstantinova
Eleonora Shashkova
Eugeny Fedorov
Anatoliy Menshchikov
Police officer Oleg Lopuhov
Aleksey Zavialov
Artur Ivanov
Vladislav Gandrabura
Dmitry Kravtsov
Policeman on duty Leonid Bichevin
Evgeny Kosyrev
Igory Orobey
Aleksandr Pushkin
Oleg Makarov
Common herd Maria Berdinskikh
Maria Volkova
Olga Lerman
Vladimir Beldiyan
Fedor Vorontsov
Vasily Simonov
Dmitry Solomykin
Valery Ushakov
Leonid Bichevin
Olga Nemogay
Igory Orobey
Ekaterina Kramzina
Oleg Lopuhov
Eldar Tramov
Andrey Zlobin


Director Alexander Gorban
Set designers Boris Valuev
Maksim Osvetimsky
Costumes Svetlana Sinitsina
Lighting designer Vladimir Amelin
Make-up artist Olga Kalyavina
Translator Arseny Ostrovsky
Music Alexander Gorban
Sergey Zarubin
Music manager Tatiana Agaeva
Sound director Andrey Rybnikov
Choreography Sergey Zarubin