Enough Stupidity for Every Wise Man (1968)

By the end of 1968 A. Remizova put a premiere of the comedy by A. N. Ostrovsky “Enough Stupidity for Every Wise Man”. This was the last work of Nikolay Akimov, artist, he did not manage to see his setting on the stage. The performance was in favor with spectators and received State Prize. Actors starred indisputably. Krutitskym with his head looking like a billiard ball and a plain billiard ball instead of brains became the masterpiece of N. Plotnikov. Unrecognizable Т. Gritsenko painted Mamaev an aggressive idiot, a monster with moves of a walking excavator and a majestic manner to pronounce significant sentences. L. Maksakova plays magnificent Mamaeva, not a youthy but indeed young lady with flamy temper. Yury yakovlev played a real play actor. Glumov was absolutely different with everyone: a flushed sycophant with Krititsky, a severe abutment denunciator with Gorodulin, a shy youngster with Mamaeva. Dependent on everyone, he at the same time always remained master of the situation. And of course, was a winner.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 2 September 1968

Characters & Cast:

Egor Dmitrievich Glumov,
young man
Yury Yakovlev
Glafira Klimovna Glumova,
his mother
Dina Andreeva
Ivan Fedorovich Mamaev,
rich man, far relative of Glumov
Nikolai Gritsenko
Cleopatra Lvovna Mamaeva,
his wife
Lyudmila Maksakova
Eleonora Shashkova
Krutitskiy, oldman
Very important Mr
Nikolay Plotnikov
Viktor Koltsov
Ivan Ivanоvich Gorodulin,
young and serious man
Yuri Volintsev
Sofia Ignatievna Turusina,
lady from a merchants’ family,
Alla Kazanskaya
her niece
Valentina Malyavina
Egor Vasilievich Kurchaev,
Viktor Zozulin
man without vocation
Vladimir Osenev
Nina Rusinova
1st Toadeater Vera Lvova
2nd Toadeater Anna Danilovich
Mamaev’s ManЧеловек Мамаева Ivan Kashirin
Krutitskiy’s man Mikhail Dadyko
Turusinova’s man
Aleksey Kotrelyov


Production Alexandra Remizova
Stage director Y. Laufer
Decorator Nikolay Akimov
Costumes Decorator Nataliya Shnaider-Khachatryan
Music Z. Chernyshevskaya