Maksim Sukhanov

Winner of State Prizes of the Russian Federation

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1985, course of T. Kopteva and V. Ivanov.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Ch. Khamatova: “This is a rare case when such an appearance, appearance of a killer, has a completely different internal content. It is a pleasure working with him on stage. He does not excite any negative emotions with me – a complete positive”.

Prize-winner of National Award (for play “Khlestakov”)
«Golden Mask» Award (for role of Cyrano in «Cyrano de Bergerac»).
«Seagull» Award for Best Drama role (for play “Khlestakov”).
«Seagull» Award for Best Couple Award (for play “Tartuffe”).

Worked in Lencom Theatre, Stanislavsky Theatre, Mayakovsky Theatre: «Khlestakov», «Pinter’s collection», «Tartuffe».

Tikhaya zastava, 1986
A lonely bus in the rain, 1987
The honour I have, 1987
Treaty of Brest (TV-play), 1989
Guest workers, 1994
My first teacher, 1997
Natasha, 1997
Awakening, 1998
The Country of Deaf, 1998
Mummy, 1998
It is not recommended to offend women, 1999
24 hours, 2000
The Passionate and Sympathetic Contemplation (TV-play), 2002
The Russian National Postal Service (TV-play), 2002
Theatrical Novel, 2003
Amphitrone (TV-play), 2003
Stand or Fall, 2003
Children of Arbat, 2004
The Goddess: How I Fell in Love, 2004
The first fry…, 2006
Demonstrations of love, 2006
Count down, 2006
Belyaev, 2007
20 sigarettes, 2007
Antalya, 2007
Target, 2008
The Man who knew everything, 2009
The Inhabited Island, 2009
Obitaemyy ostrov. Skhvatka, 2009
Earlier (TV-play), 2009
Moscow, I love you!, 2010
Burnt by the Sun 2, 2010
Boris Godunov, 2011
Gorbunok, 2011
Orda, 2011
Role, 2013
Kuprin, 2014
The wind rustles in poplars (film-performance), 2014
Viking (in production)