Brest Peace (1987)

At the end of 1987 the premiere of “the Brest Peace” by M. Shatrov took place – a documental play which remained untouched during twenty five years. And in a new version, the play was half-true, but seemed very bold: for the first time such characters as Trotsky (V. Lanovoy portrayed him as an actorish posturer) and Bukharin (A. Filippenko) appeared on the stage. Robert Sturua produced a performance about the loneliness of Lenin among his associates in an effort to end the war as soon as possible. M. Ulyanov played Lenin without portrait make-up, passionately, desperately, becoming sometimes even miserable. Many things in a tough, ascetic performance of Sturua was cut off by theatrical censure which was still in force, but when the famous revolutionists in black coats, like crows, came out from the depth  of the stage to the tragic music of G. Kancheli… it was scaring…

Main Stage

Premiere was on 17 December 1987


Staging Robert Strua
Stage director Vladimir Ivanov
Decorator Georgiy Aleksi-Meskhishvili
Composer Giya Kancheli