Valentina Vagrina

Honoured Artist of the RFV.G. Vagrina was born 2  November, 1904  in  Moscow.  One of  the last Vakhtangov’s students, worked in the theatre in 1921-78. She was a very bright actress who overcame all  the obstacles – camps, exile (1937 – 46)  for  her  repressed husband, unfair dismissal from the theatre, oblivion and need in the old age.

She died in 1987.

Adelma (Turandot), 1922
Liza (Lev Gurych Sinichkin), 1924
A cutter (Zoika’s Flat), 1928
Mardinka (On Blood), 1928
Ophelia (Hamlet), 1932
Jessy (The Russian Issue), 1947
Gero (Much Ado About Nothing), 1936
Mother-in-law (Cinderella), 1966

Dreamers (1934)