Veronika Vasilyeva

Honoured Artist of the RFV.I. Vasilyeva was born 20 Septermber, 1920.

In 1942 graduated from the Schukin  Drama  School (E.G. Alekseeva ans  A.A. Orochko’s course).

Worked in the theatre in 1938-2005.

During the WWI played in the Front Theatre and reached Vienna.

Was awarded a Red Star Order. 

She died 15 June, 2005.

Lenochka (Immortal)
A gunner (Somewhere in Moscow)
Olya (Visit Zvonkovoe)
A girl (The Miserable)
Taisiya (Yegor Bulychev and others)
Luchetta (Two Gentleman of Verona)
Tibald’s page (Romeo and Juliet)
Actor-prologue (Hamlet)
Zinka (Irkutsk Story)
A woman (Virinea)
A dishwasher (Man with a Gun)
Yermakova (From a Businesslady’s Life)
2nd lay lady (Matter of the Past )
Mr Shovene (White Rabbit)
Louisa (Let God be With You)

The Peaceful Days, 1950
City at the Dawn, 1959
Walking the Streets of Moscow, 1963
Yegor Bulychev and others, 1971