Cook Married (1961)

Vakhtangov’s “Cooks” was a demonstration of acting skills which makes a masterpiece out of nothing.

The year 1959 gave the concluding accord to the “kolkhoz” comedy of the end of the forties — “The Cook” of A. Sofronov enjoying such sincere and simple-hearted good graces of spectators that Sofronov wrote a continuation, and in two years “The Cook Married” gathered full house again.

All the talent of Ruben Simonov, easy, dancing, festive, all the glamor and temper of the wonderful, lifeful young generation of the Vakhtangists the theatre didn’t spare to make a cheerful and mischievous performance out of an empty comedy. In “The Cook Married”, the blueness of river became even more dazzling, the clouds even curlier, water-melons even bigger. This time, the intrigue twirled around a young actress Masha who arrived from the capital. This was the debut of Ludmila Maksakova.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 14 October 1961

Characters & Cast:

Pavlina Kazanets Yulia Borisova
Stepan Kazanets Nikolai Gritsenko
Trofim Grigorievich Solomka Mikhail Dadyko
Galina Chaika Larisa Pashkova
Seafim Chaika Mikhail Ulyanov
Grigory Abrikosov
Andrey Pchelka Yury Yakovlev
Masha Chubukova Lyudmila Maksakova
Timofey Sliva Nikolay Plotnikov
Ivan Nelyuba Nikolay Timofeev
Taisia Valeriya Razinkova
Probiygolova Grigory Merlinsky
Vasya Ernst Zorin
Nyura Veronika Vasilyeva


Production Ruben Simonov
Stage director Elizaveta Alexeyeva
Decorator Meley Vinogradov
Composer Boris Mokrousov
Dances Galina Shakhovskaya