Vladimir Simonov

National Artist of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Simonov is starring in lots of theatre productions and movies. He is one of the most required actors because of his outstanding drama and comedy talent and special artistic nobility. His ability to influence the audience, to perform ambivalent and vigorous characters is fantastic.

Born on June 7 in Oktyabrsk (the USSR).

In 1980 Vladimir Simonov graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute (Alla Kazanskaya’s course) and joined the Vakhtangov Theatre company.

In 1983 — 1987 he worked at the Moscow Art Theatre, appearing in leading and supporting roles such as Treplev (‘The Seagull’ by Anton Chekhov) and Waller (‘Tartuffe’ by Moliere).

In 1988 Vladimir Simonov returned to the Vakhtangov Theatre and shortly became one of the Vakhtangov celebrities. The selected roles include: Tartalia and Pantalone (‘Princess Turandot’ by Carlo Gozzi), Chopin (‘Summer in Nohant’ by Yaroslav Ivashkevich), Kopeykin (‘Old Russian Vaudevilles’), Benya Krik (‘Sunset’ by Isaac Babel), Peachum (‘The Beggar’s Opera’ by John Gay), Jean (‘Fröken Julie’ by August Strindberg), Othello (‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare), Colonel (‘Mademoiselle Nitouche’ by Hervé), Pandarus (‘Troilus and Cressida’ by William Shakespeare), Serebryakov (‘Uncle Vanya’ by Anton Chekhov), Rene (‘The Wind in the Poplars’ by Gérald Sibleyras), Retired Hussar (‘Eugene Onegin’ by Alexander Pushkin), Efraim Dudak (‘Give us a smile, oh Lord’ by Grigory Kanovich), Minetti (‘Minetti’ by Thomas Bernhard).

Among the other notable roles in Moscow theatres are Podkolesin (‘The Marriage’ by Nikolay Gogol) and Mayor (‘The Government Inspector’ by Nikolay Gogol) at the K.S. Stanislavsky Theatre; Trigorin (‘The Seagull. Experiment in assimilating the Stanislavsky method’ themed on Anton Chekhov) and Professor Higgins (‘Imago. Pigmalionioum’ themed on Bernard Shaw) at the Theatre of Nations; Voynitsky (‘Uncle Vanya’ by Anton Chekhov), Kuvaldin (‘Guide for those Wishing to get Married’ by Anton Chekhov), Sganarelle (‘The Reluctant Doctor’  by Moliere), Sancho Panza (‘Don Quixote’ by Miguel de Cervantes), several Characters (‘Characters’ themed on Anton Chekhov) and Boris Godunov (‘Boris Godunov’ by Alexander Pushkin) at the Et Cetera Theatre.

On stage and in cinema Vladimir Simonov has worked with famous and extremely skilful directors, among them: Mikhail Schweitzer, Anatoly Efros, Pyotr Fomenko, Ivan Dykhovichny, Peter Stein. He appeared in over 100 movies. Selected filmography includes ‘Life in the Hostel was anything but Lonely’, ‘Tevie the Milkman’, ‘Criminal Talent’, ‘How are you guys doing?’, ‘The Wedding’, ‘Frontier: A Taiga Romance’, ‘Moscow Windows’, ‘Red-hot Saturday’, ‘Life is Full of Fun’, ‘The Key to the Bedroom’, ‘Children of the Arbat street’, ‘The Dead Soul Affair’, ‘Andersen: Life without Love’, ‘A Love in a Million’, ‘Antidur’, ‘Rzhevsky versus Napoleon’, ‘Life and Fate’, ‘Kuprin’, ‘The Third World War’.

Accept from love and recognition by the audience, Vladimir Simonov has received many prizes, among them three awards ‘Seagull’ (one of the main theatre prizes in Russia), the MK newspaper prize, the Andrei Mironov National Prize ‘Figaro’.

In 2012 he was awarded with the Mayor of Moscow prize in the area of literature and the performing arts.


«The seagull» award, “The best male role” (“Othello”)
«The seagull» award, “The best male comedy role” (“Amphitrion”).
«The seagull» award , “Double strike” – the best duet with A.Kalyagin (“Don Quixote”)
Russian national theatre award Figaro (“The best of the best”) 2012
Prize of the Mayor of Moscow in the field of literature and art for 2012
“Kristal Turandot” award as the Best Actor for the part of Minetti (“Minetti”), 2016

Uragan (Puss in boots)
Chopin (Summer in Noana)
Prophet (Antony and Cleopatra)
Kopeykin (Old vaudevilles)
Savaof (Mistery Buff)
Builder(Thuth of memory)
Gaetan (Rose and cross)
Benya Krik (Sunset)
Pichem (Paupers’ Opera)
Monakhov (Barbarians)
Jane (Maiden Julie)
Sozius, (Amphitrion)
Othello, (Othello)
Pantalone (Turandot)
Tartalia (Turandot)
Colonel Jibus (Mademoiselle Nitouche)
Peredonov (The little demon)
Pandar (Troilus and Cressida)
Serebryakov (Uncle Vanya)
Rene (Wind in poplars)
Retired Hussar (Eugeny Onegin)
Efraim Dudak (Smile at us, O Lord)
Minetti (Minetti)

MXT named after A. P. Chekhov:
Treplev (the Seagull) dir. O. Efremov,
Matej Hole (Attempted flight)
Waller (Tartuffe), dir. A. Efros
Nicky (the Blonde around the corner)
Dieter (Lawyers)
Berlioz (the Master and Margarita), dir. M. Prudkin
Divisional commander (So win), dir. O. Yefremov
Givi (Toastmaster), dir. K. Ginkas

Theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky:
In due time (Marriage), dir. Vladimir Mirzoev
Inspector (Auditor), dir. Vladimir Mirzoev

The Theatre Of Nations:
Trigorin (the Seagull), dir. A. Zholdak
Professor Higgins (IMAGO. PIGMALIONIOUM), dir. N. Guseva

Theatre “Et cetera”:
Wynn (Uncle Vanya), dir. A. The Sabinin
Kuvaldin (a Guide for those wishing to marry)
Sganarelle (the Doctor in spite of himself), dir. A. Kolyagin
Sancho Panza (don Quixote), dir. A. Morfov
Person Anton Chekhov, dir. A. Kolyagin
Boris Godunov (Boris Godunov), dir. P. Stein

ART Partner XX1:
Ghost on tiptoe, dir. A. Gorban
Russian game (based on the novel by Leskov’s “Iron will”)

Sashka, 1980
Cyrano de Bergerac (TV-play), 1983
The Great Flood (TV-play), 1983
Romeo and Juliet (TV-play), 1983
Belkin’s stories. Snowstorm(TV-play), 1984
Single swim, 1985
Ploschad Vosstaniya, 1985
The secret of the Earth, 1985
Tevie the milkman (TV-play), 1985
Golden chain, 1986
Where the rivers flow, 1987
Night to think, 1986
Autumn wind (TV-play), 1986
Kriminal talent, 1988
After the duel, 1988
Ship, 1988
On air, 1989
The Insider, 1989
Tale of the bright Moon, 1990
How do you live caprs?, 1991
Multitude, 1992
White Horse, 1993 (TV-series)
Iron curtain, 1996
Tale of dead princess, 1994
Typists (Short film), 1996
One love of my soul, 1999
Chekhov and Co, 1998
The last days, 2000
Actor and exhibition master, 2000
Frontier. Romance in Taoga, 2000 (TV-series)
Marriage, 2000
Game of cards, 2001 (TV-series)
Happy Birthday, Lola, 2001
Fraud, 2001
Windows of Moscow, 2001 (TV-series)
Requested stop-2, 2001 (TV-series)
Life is fun of fun, 2001
Red-Hot Saturday, 2002
Mask and Soul, 2002
Little girl (TV-play), 2002
Andel on the roads, 2003 (TV-series)
Key from the bedroom 2003
Amphitrion (TV-play), 2003
The best city in Earth 2003 (series)
Kill or cure, 2003 (TV-series)
Kamenskaya-3, 2003
Northern sphynx, 2003
Viola Tarakanova, 2004 (TV-series)
Arbat’s Children, 2004 (TV-series)
Formula, 2004 (TV-series)
Wood princess, 2004
The Deal on «Dead souls», 2005
Cheaters, 2005
Prime time goddess, 2005 (TV-series)
Andersen. Life without love, 2006
KostyaNika. Summertime, 2006
Don’t talk with a stranger, 2006
Prescribed happiness, 2006
Antidur, 200
Room of lost toys, 2007
Wild, 2007
Payed by death, 2007
Detective Putilin, 2007
Tutor, 2007
General Intent, 2007
One in a million, 2007
Eclipse (series), 2007
Bay of fear, 2007
White train 2008
Independence day, 2008
Troop (series), 2008
Urgently, 2008
Ermolovy (series), 2008
Daughter, 2008
Unforgiven, 2008
Kotovsky, 2009
Big city lights, 2009
Rules of hijac, 2009
Year of fraud, 2009