Sergey Makovetskiy

National Artist of the Russian Federation. Laureate of the State Prize of Russia. Holder of the Order of Honour.

Sergey Makovetskiy is adored by public, recognized by critics and required by directors because of his magnetic energy and his skill to suggest new ideas in every production, to make a sparkle of wit and humor and to be absolutely sincere in the most tragic story. He is well-known by various audiences of different ages because he is invited as a celebrity voice actor in animated movies.

Born on June 13 in Kiev (the USSR).

In 1980 Sergey Makovetskiy graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute (Alla Kazanskaya’s course) and joined the Vakhtangov Theatre company.

Selected roles at the Vakhtangov Theatre include: Shostakovich (‘Master Class’ by David Pownall), Tsarevich Aleksei (‘Gracious Sovereign, our Father’ by Aleksey Tolstoy), Paolo Malpieri (‘Don’t know you anymore, dear’ by Aldo De Benedetti), Amphitryon (‘Amphitryon’ by Moliere), Iago (‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare), Mayor (‘The Government Inspector’ by Nikolay Gogol), Trigorin (‘The Seagull’ by Anton Chekhov), Voynitsky (‘Uncle Vanya’ by Anton Chekhov), Eugene Onegin (‘Eugene Onegin’ by Alexander Pushkin), Efraim Dudak (‘Give us a smile, oh Lord’ by Grigory Kanovich), Argan (‘The imaginary invalid’ by Moliere).

Selected works in other theatres include: ‘M. Butterfly’ (by David Hwang) and ‘Catapult’ (by Nikolay Kolyada) in the Roman Vityuk Theatre; Malvolio (‘The Twelfth Night’ by William Shakespeare) in the K.S. Stanislavsky Theatre; Henry Higgins (‘Pygmalion’ by Bernard Shaw) at the Sovremennik Theatre; Kovrin (‘The Black Monk’ by Anton Chekhov) at the Moscow Theatre of the Young Spectator.

Sergey Makovetsky appeared on screen in ‘The Life of Klim Samgin’ by Maxim Gorky directed by Viktor Titov. He found box office success in the movies by Vladimir Khotinenko ‘Patriotic Comedy’ and ‘Makarov’. Selected filmography includes ‘The Russian Mutiny’, ‘Brother 2’, ‘The Key from the bedroom’, ‘72 Meters’, ‘It Doesn’t Hurt Me’, ‘The Russian Game’, ‘Seduction’, ‘Roly-poly toy’, ‘Liquidation’, ‘Dushka’ (‘Lovely thing’), ‘12’, ‘Live and Remember’, ‘The Priest’, ‘The Case of Gastronome #1’, ‘Peter I’, ‘The Last Will’, ‘Life and Fate’, ‘The Girl and Death’, ‘Two Winters, Three Summers’, ‘Demons’, ‘Quietly Flows the Don’.

Sergey Makovetskiy is a holder of around 30 Russian and foreign theatre and movie awards, special government awards including the Order of Honour of the Russian Federation, the State Prize and Mayor of Moscow prize in the area of literature and the performing arts.

Honour Award for the development of the Russian culture and art, 2010
Prize of the Mayor of Moscow in the field of literature and art, 2012

Poluda (Give me an Old Lady!)
Negus (Mistery Buff)
Builder (Truth of Memory)
Steward (A Day Longer Than a Century)
Doctor (Rose and Cross)
Hostage (Wounded)
Berry Rad (The buyer of children)
Srudent (A Key to the Dreams)
Sidorenko (Treaty of Brest)
Gan-za-lin (The Zoika’s flat)
Shostakovich (Master’s Lessons)
Tsar Alexey (Sire our Lord)
Lawyer (I Do Not Want to Know you)
Amphitrion (Amphitrion)
Yago (Othello)
Skvoznik-Dmukhanovsky (The governmental inspector)
Trigorin (The Seagull)
Voynitsky (Uncle Vanya)
Onegin (Eugene Onegin)
Efraim Dudak (Smile at us, O Lord)
Argan (The Imaginary Invalid)

Madama Buterfly,(1990), Master’s Lessons(1990), Lolita (1992), Tweaker (1993), Ogynsky’s Polonaise (1994), Love with an Idiot (1995), I Do Not Want to Know You, (1996) (R.Viktyuk)
Twelfth Night, or What You Will (Stanislavky’s Theatre)
Black Monk (MTYS)
Moonlight, honeymoon (LeKur)
Pinter’s Collection, Lover ( V.Mirzoev)
Lady is Waiting, Klarnet is playing (Duet)
Pygmalion (Sovremennik)
Paper Marriage (Art-Partner ХХ1)

Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Zmey, 2004
Dobryuna Nikitich and Zmey Gorynych, 2006
Ilya Muromets and Solovey Razboynik, 2007
Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton), 2010