Millionairess (1964)

At the end of the sixties theatre became fashionable again and it was hard to get there. Spectators loved “The Millionairess”. It was shown often, during almost fifteen years. Decorated by N. Akimov, the performance was far from paradoxical acidity of Shaw. The action whirlwinded around the lead character, millionairess Epifania who is played by Yu. Borisova. The actress’s temper absolutely coincided with the explosive temper of the character. Pampered and capricious Epifania gave no minute of relax to stupid, shy husband, sportsman (A. Katsynsky) and his Polly (G. Pashkova), or to the fanfaron, lover (V. Etush), or to business-like lawyer (V. Osenev). It was only the doctor — an Egyptian — a new passion and whim of the millionairess who remained imperturbable (Yu. ЯковLev played this role elegantly, softly and ironically).

Main Stage

Premiere was on 5 September 1964

Characters & Cast:

Epifania Yulia Borisova
Samagor Vladimir Osenev
Alaster Anatoly Katsynsky
Patritia Ekaterina Raykina
Adrian Vladimir Etush
Doctor, an Egyptian man Yury Yakovlev
Man Mikhail Dadyko
Lady Garen Zhukovskaya
Director Ernst Zorin


Stage director Alexandra Remizova
Decorator Nikolay Akimov
Music Rostislav Arkhangelskiy