Yury Yakovlev

People Artist of the USSR, Winner of  State Prizes of  the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Graduated from B.V.  Schukin Theater School in 1952, course of  Ts. L. Mansurova.

In the same year was admitted to the company of  Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

“Bourgeois flavor of beauty noted by Annensky in the lyrics by young Gumilev manifests itself in everything with which Yury Yakovlev has ever appeared on stage: in sensual grace driving crazy the female population of the former USSR, in clear concept of proportion seen in every character, in ratiomality not excluding sentiment”.  (L. Bazhenova).

Yury Yakovlev died 30 october, 2013. 

State Award for “In every wise man enough stupidity”, 1970
State Award for “Earthly Love” and “The Fate”, 1979
State Award for “Guilty without fault”, 1994
Order of Merit for the Motherland 3rd and 2nd degrees, 1996 / 2008
Order of Lenin, 1988 and Red Banner of Labour, 1978

Golden Masks – Silver Mask for the best male role (Unfinishes Dialogue), 1976
Crystalline Turandot, 1998
The Cult Figure Award, 1999
Theatre Prize “Star of a Theatre-Goer” (nominated as “The Legend of the Stage”), 2013 – awarded posthumously.

Dovjenko’s Golden Medal for the film “The Fate” 1978

Turio (Two gentleman of Verona)
Roslen (European Chronicle)
Advisor (Before the sunset)
Ryabchikov (That is Love)
Jane Zvontsov (Foma Gordeev)
Benvolio (Romeo and Juliet)
Riccardo (Filumena Marturano)
Veniamin Altman (City at the dawn)
Charismatic Knoght (The Idiot)
Andrey Pchyolka (The Cook)
Major (Ladies and Hussars)
Kitel (Russian wood)
Victor Karenin (Living corpse)
Pantalone (Turandot)
Jerry Rian (Two at the teeterboard)
Egyptian doctor (The Millionaire)
Khlebnikov (Konarmia)
An intellectual (Planet of hope)
Glumov (In every wise man enough stupidity)
Terracini (Memory of the heart)
Krymov (Hello Krymov)
Nicholas I (Comandor’s Steps)
Mozart (The Little tragedies)
Leon Glembaj (Gospoda Glembaji)
Admiral Granatov (End of Squadron)
Calogero di Spelta (Great Magic)
Karenin (Anna Karenina)
Kazanova (Kazanova’s Three Ages)
Khrushov (The wood demon)
Vasiliy Prokofievich (The Little Boar)
Prokofiev (Master’s lessons)
Lord Bolingbrok (Glass of water)
Dudukin (Guilty without fault)
Chekalinsky., Sent-Jermene (The Queen of Spades)
Ashil (Resurrection)
Sorin (The seagull)
Nikolay Alekseevich \\\”Dark Alleys\\\” The haven)

Much ado about nothing, 1956
Near the stage board, 1956
Unusual summer, 1956
The wind, 1958
The idiot, 1958
City at the dawn (TV-play), 1959
Man from nowhere, 1961
Crazymen’s garden, 1961
Big road, 1962
Hussars’ Ballade, 1962
Acrobate girl, 1962
Russian forest, 1963
Easy life, 1964
Friends and years, 1965
How should we call you now?, 1965
Under the Prague’s Chestnuts (TV-play), 1965
The shot, 1966
Anna Karenina, 1967
Kremlin’s messenger (TV-play), 1967
The Crush 1968
The Picture of Dorian Gray(TV-play), 1968
King-deer 1969
Plot for a short story, 1969
The seagull, 1970
Hunting drama (TV-play), 1970
In every wise man enough stupidity (TV-play), 1971
Princess Turandot (TV-play), 1971
Granddads-robbers, 1971
Dengerous turn (TV-play), 1972
Ivan Vasilievich: back in the future, 1973
Memory of Heart (TV-play), 1973
Eartlhly love, 1974
The Irony of Fate 1975
Konarmia (TV-play), 1975
My mocking happiness (TV-play), 1975
Ladies and Hussars (TV-play), 1976
On the pages of the Blue Book (TV-play), 1977
The Fight, 1977
The Fate, 1977
Yuliya Vrevskaya, 1977
Reminiscence meeting (TV-play), 1978
Autumn season, 1978
Three stormy days, 1978
Poem on the wings, 1979
The millionaire (TV-play), 1979
We, underwritten, 1980
Th Karnival, 1981
Megabucks, 1981
Insurance agent, 1985
Time of the sons (TV-play), 1986
Kin-dza-dza!, 1986
Lefty (TV-play), 1986
Trousers, 1988
Trap for a single man 1990
Nevsky’s sindon, 1991
Mashenka, 1991
7 days after the murder, 1991
Youngsters 3, 1992
Gracious lords, 1992
Dancing ghosts, 1992
Childen of cast iron 1993
Tragedy of the century, 1993
The thief, 1995
Countess de Monsoro, 1997
Necessarily superman, 1997
The Irony of fate. Continuation, 2007

\\\”Between the past and the future\\\”, 1993
\\\”Album of my life\\\”, 1997

In 2008 was published autobiography album “Fotochronicle”