Jealous of herself



2 hours 40 minutes with 1 intermission

The premiere held on 2014. 05. 03

Four centuries ago now, a Spanish monk under the pseudonym Tirso de Molina wrote something like four hundred plays, 88 of them survived. One of them — «Jealous of herself» has caught the interest of the Vakhtangov theatre.

The author’s biography is complicated as well as the fact that his fate has not always been favorable to him. He was censured by enemies and haters for his comedy in a secular spirit; he was even expelled several times from Madrid to remote monasteries. But the playwright’s fame survived the centuries, having outshined the unfairness of life.

Tirso de Molina, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Lope de Vega and Kalderon were contemporaries. De Molina’s plays with its complicated plot, comprise both drama and performing origins, exemplifying a complex “weave” of relationships. Fiction and reality are changed over.

The plot of this story moves around Caballero Don Melchor, who comes from the province to Madrid, to a betrothed in absence bride. He falls in love with a stranger in the church, seeing only her lovely hand, unaware that it belongs to his fiancée Magdalena. A chance encounter of young people after mass impresses Magdalena and the young lady falls in love with Melchor (her face is covered with mantilla), unaware that the young man is her fiancé. During his visit to Madalena’s father house, Melchor doesn’t guess that his new mysterious acquaintance and the betrothed lady is the same person. Magdalena, insulted by his indifference, becomes jealous of herself, not revealing the truth to Melchor.

A sophisticated game happens – Melchor’s imagination draws the pictiure of the mysterious beauty, unaware that the lady is his fiancée. Magdalena’s jealousy of herself becomes the primary motivation of the plot movement, almost bringing the relationship of the heroes to a dead-lock.

The audience will definitely witness the many fun twists and turns of the story, which will lead it eventually to a happy ending.

Running time: 2 hours 40 min.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

New Stage

Premiere was on 22 April 2014


Director Aleksandr Koruchenkov
Translated by Mikhail Donskoy
Set-designer Timothy Ryaboushinsky
Music by Faustas Latenas
Costume designer Mariya Danilova
Lighting Designer Maya Shavdatuashvili
Make-up artist Olga Kalyavina
Choreographer Sergey Zemlyansky