Evgeny Kosyrev

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in  in 2003, course of R. Ovchinnikov.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Lepide (Caligula)
De Valvere (Cyrano de Bergerac)
Make-up artist (Frederick, or The boulevard of crime)
Denis Ivanovich Fovizin (Imperial hunt)
Kasem (Ali Baba and forty thieves )
Andrey Titych (Money, money, money everywhere…)
Grishka (Uncle’s dream)
Policeman on duty (If you run after two hares……)
Stage worker (Mademoiselle Nitouche)
Pashka (Last summer in Chulimsk)
Litlle bear (Hedgehog in the Fog)
Pablo Sanchez (Truthful legend of some quarter)
Ajax (Troilus and Cressida)
Player (Masquerade)
Pompej, pander (Measure for measure)
Toby (“The old lady’s visit” The Haven)
Kapt. Levyadkin (Demons)
Bonnie Hubert (Common business)
Ventura (Jealous of herself)
Feklusha (Storm)
Thomas Diafoirus (The Imaginary Invalid)

Simple truth, 1999-2003
101-th km, 2000
The Imaginary Invalid (TV-play), 2001
Lover, 2002
Code of honour, 2002
Provincials, 2002
Quick march, 2002
Taste of a murder, 2003
Apocrypha: music for Peter and Pavel, 2004
Battalion of military offenders, 2004
Pick of the nation, 2005
Blind man’s buff, 2005
Ugly Betty (Russian version), 2005
Dark horse, 2005
Diamonds for Juliet, 2005
Shakespeare has never even dreamed of that, 2005
Students-2, 2006
Artist, 2007
Agent in love – 2, 2008
Pulya-dura, 2008
Champion, 2008
A very Russian detective story, 2008
Volkov’s time – 3, 2009
Burnt by the Sun – 2, 2010
Escape, 2010
You have ordered a murder, 2010