Aleksei Guskov

People’ Artist of the Russian Federation,Winner of State Prize of the Russian Federation.

Aleksey Gennadyevich Guskov was born on May 20, 1958 in the city of Bzheg.

After graduation from the secondary school he left for Moscow where he entered Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He studied in that university for almost five years.

In 1979 he entered School-Studio of Moscow Art Academic Theater and graduated form it in 1983, course of V. Monyukov.

He started his artist biography in A.S. Pushkin Moscow Theater of Drama  in which he worked from 1984 to 1986.

In 1986-1988 he was an actor of Malaya Bronnaya Theater; in 1988-1991 – Detective Theater; then Gogol Theater, and then A.S. Pushkin Theater. Presently he works in Chekhov Moscow Art Academic

Theater and teaches acting technique in School-Studio of Moscow Art Academic Theater.

Since 1994 he has been a president of animation studio “F.A.F. Entertainment”. Member of United Russia.

In Vakhtangov Theater he plays a role of Antipa Zykov in performance “People Like People” (staging by V.V. Ivanov).

Official site of Aleksey Guskov: 

Zykov, Antipa Ivanov (People as people)
David Mortimer (Common business)
Shmule – Sender Lazarek (Smile at us, O Lord)
Onegin (Evgeny Onegin)

1983 — Graduation work in the Moscow Art Theatre “Na dne” (director – Yevstigneev, teaching director Pilyavsky, Satin)
1983 — Graduation work “Crime and punishment” (Dir. Manyukov, teaching director Golovko, Lujin)
1985 — The Pushkin theatre “Victory Day during the war” (Tarelka)
1985 — The Pushkin Theatre “I am Woman”
1985 — The Pushkin Theatre, «Robbers»(F.Shiller) (dir by Govorukho, Shufterle)
1987 — Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, “The Thought” (doctor Kerjentsev)
1988 — Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, «Robinson’s island» (Robinson)
1993 — The Gogol’s theatre «Turn around in rage»
1994 — The Gogol’s theatre «Arsenic … and old laces» (Mortiner Bruster)
1994 — The Gogol’s theatre «I love you, Constance» (Marquise de Krette)
1996 — The Pushkin Theatre, «Terrorists»
1999 — The Pushkin Theatre, «Belkin’s Stories» (Samson Vyrin)
2000 — The Pushkin Theatre «Naked dressing» (council Grotti)
2002 — The Pushkin Theatre, «Frank Polaroid photos» (Jonnathan)
2003 — Tabakov Theatre, «Arkadia» (professor Soloway)
2003 — Centre of the modern directinf and drama “I.A.”
2005 — Millenim Theatre House, «God be With you” (Ludivik Merikul)
2005 — The Chekhov Art Theatre, «Return» (Alexey Ivanov)

Lichnoe delo sudi Ivanovoy, 1985
Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game, 1986
Dikiy plyazh, 1990
Wolfhound, 1991
Goryachev i drugie, 1992
Abyss, Round Seven, 1993
The Road to Paradise, 1993
The Lonely Player, 1995
Golden Bottom, 1995
Cafe Strawberry, 1997
Klassik, 1998
Podozrenie, 2001
Musorshchik, 2001
Granitsa. Tayozhnyy roman, 2001
Vovochka, 2002
Vorovka 2. Schastye na prokat, 2002
Raskalyonnaya subbota, 2002
Po tu storonu volkov, 2002
Dnevnik ubiytsy, 2003
Slova i muzyka, 2004
Ragin, 2004
Turkish Gambit, 2005
To Hunt an Elk, 2005
Zakoldovanny uchastok, 2006
Tanker “Tango, 2006
Otets, 2007
The Saboteur 2, 2007
1814, 2007
Street Racer, 2008
He Who Puts Out the Light, 2008
Le concert, 2009
Tulskiy Tokarev, 2009
Lubov Morkov 3, 2009
Pryachsya, 2010
Vier Tage im Mai, 2011
Notte finisce con Gallo, 2011
John Paul II: a Saint and people, 2014
The White Guard (dir. S. Snezhkin) 2012
Coma, 2012
Dragon Syndrome 2012
Thirst, 2013
Love for Love, 2013
Do not leave me, 2014
John Paul II: the Saint and the man, 2014
Investigator Tikhonov, 2015