Common business (2012)

The premiere held on 2012. 09. 07

The last production directed by Vladimir Ivanov “People as people” by Gorky aroused huge interest among  audience and media, that  is not surprising at all, since the stage-version of V. Ivanov is distinguished by the depth of psychological analysis, originality and diversity of characters. The director has long been known for this rare gift. And the fact that he was awarded with the “Star of Theatregoer” in 2012, which is established by the audience is fully justified.But all of a sudden a sharp turn from psychological drama to the play written by R.Cooney  “It runs the family” occurs – the plot is confusing, complex, with unexpected twists and “traps” – the genre of  “sitcom” in which the skill of Ray Cooney is demonstrated generously in a very unexpected manner. The stage director Vladimir Ivanov: “The intricacies of plot lines of the play – as well as, indeed,  all of the brilliant comedy plays written by Raymond George Alfred Cooney – becoming almost farcical due to the absurd situations that put characters into a hectic swirl of action – all this requires subtle professional skills from people who take part in the production. The work was challenging, exciting, gambling! Nervous! And … any performance comes into being only provided the contact with the audience, especially a comedy! We hope and believe that with God’s help “Common business” will have a happy ending.

Running time: 3 hours 30 min with one intermission.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Main Stage

Premiere was on 7 September 2012

Characters & Cast:

David Mortimer Aleksei Guskov
Bonnie Hubert Evgeny Kosyrev
Jane Maria Aronova
Rosemary Mortimer Lidia Velezhova
Sergeant Alexander Ryshchenkov
Mike Connolly Vladislav Gandrabura
Chatelaine Maria Berdinskikh
Ekaterina Kramzina
Leslie Vasily Simonov
Bill Kirill Rubtsov
Artur Ivanov
Sir Wilby Nelson Ruben Simonov
Artur Ivanov
Mother Galina Konovalova
Agnessa Peterson
Nurse Ekaterina Simonova
Nino Kantariya


Director Vladimir Ivanov
Set design and costumes Maxim Obrezkov
Music Tatiana Agaeva
Choreographer Игорь Пиворович
Lighting designer Maya Shavdatuashvili
Make-up artist Olga Kalyavina
Assistant director Ирина Горошкова