Just people


3 hours 10 minutes with 1 intermission

The premiere held on 2011, 04. 03

“…there are two forces that don’t let a man live the way he wants: the God and the people”.

“Intheworld” MaximGorky

Director Vladimir Ivanov needs no introduction. The Shukin Theatre School professor brought up several generations of actors, many of whom became leaders in Vakhtangov’s troupe and in other theatres of Moscow. Ivanov is the author of stage compositions and versions, he is in high demand. The performances that he staged sell to a full house, among them are “Uncle’s Dream”, “Imperial Hunt”, “Mademoiselle Nitouche”, and, finally, Solghenitsyn’s “Matryona’s home” – the only premiere in Moscow dedicated to the author’s anniversary.

Vladimir Ivanov has a rare directorial gift – he makes a deep psychological analysis of the play. It’s a fortune for actors to work with him. He has his own artistic language to communicate with the world. It does not matter what genre is the play, he knows how to enlarge the meaning and find an original, exciting form for each play.

The long life of Maxim Gorky’s play “The Zykovs” on stage has almost always been associated with the socialdominant, which was treated at various stages of productions rather sharply. Howeverwe think that this approach has lost its former importance today.

Vladimir Ivanov called the performance based on Gorky’s play “Just people”. By this he is trying to find out what united people of the early 20thcentury (the time when the play was written) and of the 21st century as well?

Immutability of human nature is compounded by «confusion of concepts in the world where nobody knows where his place is.» Aggressive individualism and selfishness baffle one to hear another and respond with compassion. «I want!» — instead of — «wish for what you should» … Fear that is chilling the soul of a man who lost an ability to communicate with the Heavenly Father … The pain of loneliness…

Reflections on these signs of our time are fundamental for the director in a play full of passion, love and contradictions … So many people, so many lives. For some, life is a fist fight and the loss of illusion, for others — a search for goodness and light and for the third – an attempt to purify oneself through love, confusing it with passion. These feelings are not at all the same, for love claims “to give” while passion craves “to seize”.

We encounter numerous questions in this kaleidoscope of moral stands – what is dignity, morality and humility? Centuries go by and every man has his own answer. But in the end they all are just people.

Running time: 3 hours 10 min with one intermission.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Main Stage

Premiere was on 3 April 2011

Characters & Cast:

Zykov, Antipa Ivanov
Aleksei Guskov
His sister, the widow
Lidia Velezhova
The son
Dmitry Solomykin
Vladimir Logvinov
Tselovaniyeva, Anna Markovna Olga Tumaikina
Alexandra Streltsina
Her daughter
Olga Nemogay
Polina Chernyshova
Alexander Ryshchenkov
Zykov’s companion
Kirill Rubtsov
Oleg Makarov
Shokhin Artur Ivanov
Tarakanov Evgeny Karelskih
Female adolescent
Maria Rival
Female adolescent Darya Peshkova
Nina Nehlopchenko


Director Vladimir Ivanov
Set design and costumes Maxim Obrezkov
Music Tatiana Agaeva
Lighting designer Maya Shavdatuashvili