Evgeny Knyazev

People’ Artist of the Russian Federation, Winner of State Prize of the Russian Federation.

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1982, course of L. Stavskaya.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

From 2003 has been a rector of B.V. Schukin Theater Institute. 

“Trying to enter  Schukin School after secondary school I failed in the second tour. I remember the comment: “Your appearance is somehow strange”. The appearance is indeed strange. Sometimes it seems out of date. Bright features (raven-head, almost gypsy-like brunet, heavy features of face) and certain introversion, under-manifestation of character. Savage look and soft contour of lips. Bewildered or vagrant smile. A little make-up and it is easy to turn Knyazev from a comedian to a tragedian and vise versa, to a villain, old man, or a leading juvenile”. (N. Kazmina)

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Zakirov (Thirteenth chaiman)
Proscenium Servant (Anna Karenina)
Gaetan (Rose and cross)
Tansykbaev (A day longer than a century)
Young Kazanova (Kazanova’s three ages)
Lord Clinton (Maria Tudor)
Lieutenant (Ladies and hussars)
Don Guan (The Little tragedies)
Charlie (Bravo, Rus’)
Shilo (The Deal)
Obolyaninov (The Zoika’s flat)
Pantalone (Turandot)
Grisha Neznamov (Guilty without fault)
Lawrence Shenkon (Iguana’s Night)
Ashil (Resurrection)
Shamanov (Last summer in Chulimsk)
Germann (The queen of spades)
Eric Larsen (Dedication to Eve)
William Coller (Deep Blue sea)
Arbenin (Masquerade)
Domeniko Soriano (“Filumena Marturano” The Haven)
Karenin (Anna Karenina)
Shmule – Sender Lazarek (Smile at us, O Lord)

Arto and his twin (Meierhold’s Centre)
Provocation (The Modern Piece School)
Berlioz (The Theatre of Nations)
Love to the brandty mint (Independent theatre project)
Be quiet, Madlen! (Duet)

The Late Love, 1983
Correcting Mistakes, 1988
Unrealistic Story, 1988
My people, 1990
The sound of worlds, 1990
The Sukhovo-Kobylin’s nDeal, 1991
Method of killing, 1993
Countess Sheremetova, 1994 г
Iron curtain, 1994
The Simple truth, 1999
Maoseyka, 12, 2000-2001
The firth angel, 2002 (сериал)
The condemned swallow (film/play), 2002
Dedication to Eve (film/play), 2003
At the Verkhnaya Maslovka, 2005
The star of the time, 2005
Runaway, 2005
The Trotter, 2005
Defects and their admirers, 2006
Court column, 2006
Young and angry, 2006
Nestor Makhno’s Nine Lives, 2006
Trip with pets, 2007
Agony of the fear, 2007
From nowhere with love, or Merry Funeral, 2007
Photograher, 2008
December Heat, 2008
Montecristo, 2008
Detective Gurov’s new life, 2008
Wolf Messing, 2009
The spring is soon, 2009
A Boy and A girl, 2010
The group of happines, 2011
Summer of indigo (in production)

Laureate of the Russian state award, 1995
In 2010 awarded with the Honour Award
Theatre award The Theatral star in nomination “The Star ray” for the best male role (Arbenin in Masquerade), 2010