Grigory Abrikosov

People’s Artist Grigory Abrikosov was born 30 August,1932 to a family of the Vakhtangov actor Andrey Abrikosov. In 1954 graduated from the Schukin Drama School (A.A. Orochko’s course).

In 1953 – 1954  — actor in the Mayakovsky Theatre.

In 1954-1993 worked in the Vakhtangov, was one of the leading actors.

He died 13 April, 1993.

Foma Gordeev (Foma Gordeev), 1956
A choir member (City at the Dawn), 1957
Serdyuk (The Irkutsk Story), 1960
Afremov (The living Corpse),1962
Servily (Dion) 1965
Balmashov (Konarmia), 1966
Jim (The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn), 1965
Kisel (The Truth and the Wrong), 1967
Ignat (Gospoda Glembaji), 1975
Lord Hastings (Richard III), 1976
Gorolov (The Front Line), 1977
Lev Sinichkin (The Old Russian Vaudevilles), 1978
Arturo Rekia (The Great Magic), 1979
Professor Garon (Let God Be With You) 1983

Knight Kazachinsky (Beyond The Stage)
Din-Mamedov (The Heart Beats Again)
Strashnov (The Man is Born)
Feash (The Fighter and the Clown)
Kinola (The Hope and The Anchor)
A thespian (Talents and Admirers)
Burenin (The Special Division)
Sergey Mikhailovich (The Long Day Month)
Hetman Gritsko (Marriage in Malinovka)