Oswald Glazunov

Oswald F. Glazunov was born on May 5, 1891.His stage career was begun in 1911 at the St. Petersburg charity.During 1919-1921 he studied at the Drama Studio of the Moscow under direction of Vakhtangov. At the same time he was a director and teacher at the Latvian theater-studio “Skatuve” in Moscow (1919-1938).He worked in the theater of Eugene Vakhtangov (actor and director) from 1921 to 1941.From 1924 till 1932 Glazunov served as the director of the Theatre named Eugene Vakhtangov.In October 1941, when the Nazis occupied the Istra, Oswald Glazunov was in occupied territory (there was his summer residence). With the retreating Nazi troops, he moved to the west (along with his wife, dancer and actor B. Blumenthal-Tamarin). He played in theaters in Riga. In October 1944, when the Red Army entered Riga, Glazunov had been arrested “for collaborating with the Germans,” and sent to the camp. After his arrest, he was sentenced to eight years in the camps.Vakhtangov exerted great efforts for his release, almost got it, but  Glazunov was killed in an accident: the truck, in which the Siberian winter night, transporting prisoners, stuck on railroad tracks. Approaching train. the guards did not allow prisoners to leave the car body. Truck with the people was crushed into a pancake gust composition.Oswald Glazunov died on March 16, 1947.

Mr Ashill (The Miracle of St. Anthony, 1921)
Haji Numan (Comedy Merime, 1924)
Boris S. Gus’ (Zoyka’s apartment, 1928)
Andrew P. Babichev (Conspiracy of Feelings, 1929)
2nd Gravedigger (Hamlet, 1932)
Bondarenko (Intervention, 1933)
Jacques boiler (Human Comedy, 1934)
Head (Aristocrats, 1935)
Nikolai Chibisov (Man With a Gun, 1937)
Lyapkin-Tyapkin (Examiner, 1939)
Unknown (Masquerade, 1941)
Matthias Clausen (Before Sunset, 1941)

Four visits of Samuel Wolfe, 1934
Great wings, 1937
Honor, 1938
Virgin Soil Upturned, 1939
Stepan Razin, 1939
Shchors, 1939
The Law of Life, 1940