Government Inspector (1939)

This was the first production of the season 1939/1940.

The performance was put on the stage by B. Zakhava with the participation of A. Remizova and decorated by P. Williams.

The role of the Mayor was rehearsed by Boris Schukin, but he died on October 7, before the final rehearsal. This loss was the hardest for the theater after Vakhtangov. Schukin was not only officially recognized and the most famous actor of the Vakhtangov Theater — he was one of the deepest and most significant talents of his time. Schukin’s interpretation of the Mayor’s role was absolutely new: this was a smart, talented, very energetic man, “flamandly” full-blooded. He, experienced in life messes and whirls of fortune, was eventually ruined by his own temper, active passion for action. With the death of Schukin the performance lost such a hero, but the cast on the whole was very strong.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 17 December 1939

Characters & Cast:

Anton Antonovich Skvoznik-Dmukhanovskiy,
Anatoliy Goryunov
Anna Andreeva,
his wife
Elizaveta Alexeyeva
Marya Andreevna,
his daughter
Tatyana Blajhina
Galina Pashkova
Luka Lukich Khlopov,
college inspector
Vladimir Balikhin
His Wife Elena Ponsova
Ammos Fedorovich Lyapkin-Tyapkin
Oswald Glazunov
Artmiy Fillipovich Zemlyanika,
inspector of social departments
Joseph Tolchanov
Ivan Kusmich Shpekin,
Viktor Koltsov
City landlords
Petr Ivanovich Bobchinskiy Ivan Solovyev
Petr Ivanovich Dobchinskiy Arkady Maryin
Fedor Moskvin
Ivan Alexanderovich Khlestakov,
St.Petersburg’s official
Ruben Simonov
Igor Lipsky
his servant
Mikhail Derzhavin
Khristian Ivanovich Gibner Ivan Lobashkov
Former officials, respected men
Fedor Andreevich Lyulyukov Nikolai Lebedev
Ivan Lazarevich Rastakovskiy Grigory Merlinsky
Stepan Ivanovich Korobkin Anatoly Pavlikhin
Ivan Kashirin
Stepan Ilych Ukhovertov Konstantin Mironov
Aleksey Emelyanov
Svistunov V. Ivanov
PugovitsynMikhail Zilov
DerjimordaNilolay Kharitonov
Fevronia Petrovna Poshlepkina,
Mariya Nekrasova
Non-com’s wife Tatyna Shukhmina
policeman’s servant
Nikolay Semenov
Servant in the inn Nikolay Chistyakov
Policeman Nikolay Mozyaykin


Production Boris Zakhava
Stage director Alexandra Remizova
Decorator Pyotr Williams
Decorator Nikolay Sheremetev