Man with a Gun (1937)

In autumn 1937, the twentieth anniversary of the Soviet power was celebrated solemnly. All the theatres prepared productions for this date, and Pogodin, literally under pressure of tireless V. Kuza, wrote the play “The Man with a Gun” for the Vakhtangov Theatre. The role of Lenin was played by Boris Shchukin (this was Gorky’s piece of advice, who apparently noticed in Shchukin’s Bulychev an ability to play the leader).

Shchukin tried to precisely reproduce Lenin’s walk, his gestures, intonations, bend of the head. The first appearance of the leader was staged by R. Simonov very spectacularly. Artist V. Dmitriev built a long corridor from the very depth of the stage, and Lenin walked with an energetic, flying tread from afar, with a paper in his hand and thinking about something, right to the hall. Gasping altogether the spectators stood up in a single impulsion and blacked out the first phrase of the actor with applause. Shchukin used to wait several minutes until the ovation does gown.

Tolchanov’s performance of Shadrin’s role was wonderful. According to all available data this role was not his, but he literally wormed it from the arts council and found some unexpected distinctness, playing a person who is simple, even tongue-tied, but very fundamental and serious.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 13 November 1937

Characters & Cast:

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Boris Schukin
Joseph Rapoport
Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin Ruben Simonov
Lev Sverdlin
front soldier
Joseph Tolchanov
Nikolay Chibisov,
St.Petersburg’s worker
Oswald Glazunov
Shadrin’s wife
Elizaveta Alexeyeva
Shadrin’s sister,
Nina Rusinova
2nd soldier V. Ivanov
Captain Nikolay Yanovsky
Sibirtsev Zakhar Zakharovich Nikolay Bubnov
Varvara Ivanovna
his wife
Tatyna Shukhmina
Valeriya Tumskaya
Granny Lisa Elena Ponsova
Sibirtsev’s son
Vladimir Osenev
General Arkady Nemerovsky
Cadet Fedor Moskvin
Nikolay Pazhitnov
Voljanin Arkady Maryin
Zapadnik Grigory Merlinsky
Man in furs Anatoly Nal
Foreigner Vladimir Pokrovsky
Igor Lipsky
Seaman Dymov Anatoliy Goryunov
Boris Shuhmin
Ivan Kashirin
Young soldier Viktor Koltsov
Ivan Kashirin
Soldier with bread Nikolay Smirnov
Soldier near the fire Nikolay Chistyakov
Alexander Kashperov
A. Nesterov
1st worker Nilolay Kharitonov
D. Karachaev
2 nd worker Aleksey Kotrelyov
front soldier
Nikolai Gladkov
connection officer
Mikhail Sidorkin
Nikanor Mikhail Derzhavin
Vladimir Moskvin
Fuel commisar Viktor Eykhov
Man in leather Nikolai Lebedev
head of the Pulkovo region
Alexander Kashperov
1st operator Yuriy Lubimov
2nd operator Alexey Polyakov
Agitator Ivan Lobashkov
Aleksey Kotrelyov
Menshevick Vladimir Pokrovsky
Igor Lipsky
Student Rafik Ekimov
Worker Anna Danilovich
Galina Konovalova
Red Army man Nikolay Mozyaykin
Petr Kljukvin
with Lenin
Aleksey Emelyanov
Nikolay Semenov
Captain Karnaukhov Ivan Doronin
Peasant Eugeniy Maximov
Ivan Lobashkov
Fedor Moskvin
Makushkin, captive Vladimir Balikhin
Old soldier Andrey Tutyshkin
Nikolai Lebedev
Soldier with embroidery Ivan Solovyev
Dressed officer Nikolay Smirnov

StameskinIvan Kashirin
Nikolay Semenov
YevtyshenkoAlexander Khmara
Fedor Moskvin
LopukhovAnatoly Pavlikhin
1st soldierA. Nesterov
servant in Sibirtsev’s house
Nikolay Chistyakov
Petr Kljukvin
L. Nekrasov
Ms FishElena Menshova
Tatyana Kishkina
ToadeaterAnna Danilovich
Varvara Popova
ChamberllainA. Arkhangelsky
ChefAlexander Bizyukov
ServantAlexey Polyakov
WaiterNikolay Semenov
StrokerAnatoliy Borisov
Petr Kljukvin


Production Ruben Simonov
Decorator Vladimit Dmitriev
Music Aleksandr Golubtsev