Before Sunset (1941)

The premiere of the performance took place in 1941, in the middle of prewar season. It was one of the first independent works of Alexandra Remizova. By the internal fullness and professional power of the first of her productions one can judge about the significance of this directorial talent. The leading roles in the production were played by Osvald Glazunov and Tsetsilia Mansurova. And yet the performance lived a short life — the actor and director of the theatre Osvald Glazunov was arrested at the very beginning of the war.

A. I. Remizova managed to reopen the performance only in 1954 with Mikhail Astangov in the leading role. The performance with him became history. But many people looked back at Osvald — Glazunov. The role of Inken Peterson in 1954 was played by Ludmila Tselikovksaya.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 3 February 1941

Characters & Cast:

Matthias Clausen,
privy councillor
Oswald Glazunov
Privy councillor’s children Matiss Klauzen
VolfgangAlexander Khmara
AgmondVladimir Osenev
BetinaVera Lvova
OttiliyaValeriya Tumskaya
Erich Klamrоt,
Ottilia’s husband
Leonid Shikhmatov
Paula-Klotilda Clausen,
Wolfgang’s wife
Nina Rusinova
Professor Gaiger Nikolay Bubnov
Doctor Steintis Nikolay Smirnov
Vladimir Balikhin
Priest Immoos Nikolay Yanovsky
Boris Korolyov
Frau Peters Anna Zaporozhets
Inken Peters,
her daughter
Tsetsiliya Mansurova
garderner, frau Peters’s brother
Ivan Kashirin
Mathias’s servant
Fedor Moskvin
City mayor Alexander Bizyukov
Adjunct Mikhail Zilov
Doctor Alexey Polyakov


Production Alexandra Remizova
Stage directors Konstantin Mironov
Anna Orochko
Decorator Vladimit Dmitriev
Translation B. Vaks
M. Levina
Music Nikolay Sheremetev
Conductor Rostislav Arkhangelskiy