3 hours 10 minutes with 1 intermission

The Vakhtangov theatre hosts the production ‘Audience’.

… … Every Tuesday, at six o’clock in the evening, the Queen of the United Kingdom holds an audience for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Nothing obliges to participate in this ritual, except for the rules of good taste. The Prime Minister should inform the monarch about the events in the country and in the world. The Queen Elisabeth II reigns the United Kingdom for 67 years. During this period there have been 13 Prime Ministers of the UK, including Sir Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and the present Prime Minister – Theresa May.

The ‘Audience’ is based on the play of British playwright Peter Morgan, the scriptwriter of the film ‘The Queen’ and the series ‘The Crown’. Originally the play was staged in London’s West End at the Gielgud Theatre in 2013, with Dame Helen Mirren in the lead role. In London the play was directed by Stephen Daldry. It was produced by Matthew Byam Shaw for Playful Productions, Robert Fox and Andy Harries.

Peter Morgan agreed to stage the play on the Russian stage after he visited Moscow and saw Inna Churikova on stage. Together with the director Gleb Panfilov he adapted the Russian version of the play.

Rimas Tuminas, the artistic leader of the Vakhtangov theatre: «Hospitality has always been the hallmark of the Vakhtangov Theatre. We cordially welcome our guests. We hope that our stage meets the high requirements of the ‘Audience’.

A wise man said, «Be thorough, how much depends on the person. The interior must be at least as much as the exterior». One should be great in his soul to personify the great soul on stage.

I’m convinced that Inna Churikova will bring both royal dignity and theatre nobility and beauty on our stage».

Awards of the performance:

‘Cristal Turandot’ for the best actress – Inna Churikova,

‘Cristal Turandot’ for the best costumes – Victoria Sevriukova

The production is supported by Alisher Usmanov’s ‘Art, science and sport’ Charity foundation.

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Main Stage

Premiere was on 29 April 2019

Characters & Cast:

Королева Елизавета II
Юная Елизавета Анна Манакина
Елизавета Пинегина
Уинстон Черчилль Михаил Горевой
Andrei Zaretskiy
Энтони Иден
Гарольд Вильсон Сергей Колесников
Sergey Pinegin
Маргарет Тэтчер Вера Воронкова
Yulia Rutberg
Anna Antonova
Джон Мейджор Анатолий Лобоцкий
Сергей Пиотровский
Andrei Zaretskiy
Дэвид Кэмерон, Принц Филипп
Конюший, Архиепископ Кентерберийский Джеффри Фишер Vladimir Eremin
Бобо Макдональд
Помощник конюшего
Музыкант-волынщик, Майор


Художник по свету
Художник по костюмам Vicroria Sevryukova
Second director Ильдар Гилязев
Продюсер Иван Панфилов