Yulia Rutberg

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1988, course of A.A. Kazanskaya.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

P. Shershneva (“Novye Izvestiya” (15/02/2003)): “Yuliya Rutberg today is one of the most popular and demanded actresses of theater and cinema. Her name in the playbill is a guarantee of quality for a knowing viewer”.

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A laureate of the Russian Theatrical Award “Chaika” (Seagull) for the best love scene in “Khlestakov” production by K.S. Stanislavsky Theater, 1997
A laureate of the theatrical award “Faces of the Year” by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper (the cabaret performance “All That Jazz”), 2005
Holder of the “Glory of Nation” order, 2nd degree, for an important contribution in art, 2006
She was awarded the “Peacemaker” medal for a considerable contribution to establishment of peace in the world in 2007
A laureate of the first theatrical award “Chrystal Turandot” for the part of Medea in “Medea” performance shown by the Vakhtangov Theater in 2012
A holder of Johann Wolfgang Goethe medal from the European International Academy of Natural Sciences (culture studies department) for the wide range of creativity, high standards of professionalism and outstanding creative achievements, 2012
The Grand Prize of Vasara Festival for “onstage professionalism and actor’s courage,” 2014

Zoika (The Zoika’s flat)
Guest on the ball (Anna Karenina)
Dvoira (Закат)
Durandas (Two hours in Paris)
Lady ministrel (Sire our Lord…)
Skirina (Turandot)
Khetti (Lady withour camellias)
Jeny Malina (Paupers Opera)
Klotilda (I don’t want to know you)
Our love (Notre amour)
Alkmena (Amphitrion)
Julie (Maiden Julie)
Mrs Ott (The Tale)
Gonerilia (King Lear)
Secret foe (The Queen of Spades)
Morin Folan (Beauty Queen)
Medea (Medea)
The Goat (Smile at us, O Lord)
Sarah Bernhardt (Le cri de la langouste)

Family Secrets, 1983
Ruan Maiden called Pushka, 1989
Sunset, 1991
Savoy, 1991
Stalin’s funeral, 1991
Rasstanemsya pika khoroshie, 1991
And the wind is back.., 1991
Old young men, 1992
Season of the naked heart, 1992
Makarov, 1993
Sooty lady of sonets, 1996
Starlight night in Kamergersky, 1997
Men’s character, or Tango near an abyss-2, , 2000
The Cheque, 2000
The death directory, 2000
Angel’s opinion, 2000
Voices of fish, 2000
Kamenskaya. Do not interrupt the torturer, 2000
Empire under the threat, 2000 (Series)
Windows of Moscow, 2001 (Series)
Detectives, 2001(Series)
Mamuka, 2001 (Series)
Family secrets, 2001 (Series)
Atlantida, 2002
Looking down, 2003 (Series)
Department, 2003 (Series)
The best city on Earth, 2003 (Series)
Firefighters, 2003 (Series)
The taste of the murder, 2003 (Series)
Peterbold, 2003
Angel’s days, 2003
Who lost the Sun, 2004
Goodbye doctor Freud, 2004
Batchelors, 2004 (Series)
Ftalists, 2005 (Series)
Anna, 2005
Department-2, 2005г (Series)
Viola Tarakanova, 2005 (Series)
Prima donna, 2005
Ugly Betty (Russian version), 2005 (Series)
Disloyalty, 2005
Ivan Podyshkin the detective (1,2 (Series), 2006
Falling trees blues, 2006
Thanks God he is here, (TV show STS), 2006
Him, Her and Me, 2007
Female friendship, 2007
Scank, 2007
Sashka, my love, 2007
Spies-2, 2007
Golden key, 2008
Four ages of love, 2008
Autumn flowers, 2009
Early dawn, 2009
Beautiful and Smart, 2009
Chemist, 2009
Heiress, 2009
Play of bridge, 2009
Jurov, 2010
The path along the river, 2011
The heiress, 2011
Once in the Rostov, 2012
Give me a Sunday, 2012
The remedy for death, 2012
Anna Herman. Mystery of white angel, 2012
Thursday, 12-e, 2012
Upside down 2013
Moths (Ukraine), 2013
Lie, if you love, 2013
Quiet hunting, 2013
You will have a child, 2013
Private pioneer, 2013
The Queen of spades (film-performance), 2013
Alchemist, 2014
Maryina Roshcha – 2, 2014
Smile at us, o Lord (film-performance), 2014
Orlova and Alexandrov, 2015
The last of the Janissaries (Russia, Ukraine), 2015