Andrei Zaretskiy

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1979,  course of E.R. Simonov.In the same year was admitted to the company of  Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Medal of the Contribution to the development of the Russian culture and art Award, 2010

Jeltukhin’s servant (Lefty)
Signalman, military seaman (The end of the squadron)
Lamplighter (Mistery Buff)
James (The contact)
Ivchenko (Truth of the memory)
Mankurt (A day longer than century)
Vasya, wounded (The wounded men)
Proscenium’s servant (Rose and cross)
Bill (Buyer of children)
Laura’s guest (The stone guest)
Herz (The deal)
Vanechka, Cherubim (The Zoika’s flat)
Senka Topun (The sunset)
Spevakh (Sire our lord)
Ostapenko (Front line)
Wiseman (Turandot)
Stepan Lukin (The barbarians)
Octavius (Scapin’s deceits)
Our love (Notre amour)
Muslim, thief (Ali Baba and forty thieves)
Yetypich (Lefty)
Golokhvastov and Taras, Golokvastov’s friend (If you run after two hares)
Old hussat (The queen of spades)
Barakh (Turandot)
Luka Lukich Khlopov, college inspector (The governmental inspector)
Ilya Shamraev (The Seagull)
Capuchin, Dokuchny, Musketeer (Cyrano de Bergerac)
Afanasy Matveevich (Uncle’s dream)
Dergachov (Last summer in Chulimsk)
Jacky Jackson (Deep blue sky)
Menelay (Troilus and Kressida)
Shprich (Masquerade)
Loby (“The old lady’s visit” The Haven)
Kreon (Medea)
Leo Shnayder (Games of the lonely)

The kissing dawn, 1978
Mistery buff (film/play), 1982
The chance, 1984
The sign of woe, 1986
The death bay, 1991
The Moscow love, 1991
Uncle’s dream (film/play), 2000
If you run after two hares (film/play), 2001
Drongo, 2002
Mukhtar’s return, 2005
The Agency “Alibi” 2007