Alexei Kuznetsov

Honored Worker of Art of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1964, course of  A.A. Orochko.

In the same year was admitted to the company of  Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Actor, director, script writer. Professor of  Department of  Stage Speech of  B.V. Schukin Theater Institute.

Filipp (Silver forest)
Juvenal (Dion)
Kleont (The Bourgeois Gentleman)
Telephone man (Man with a gun)
First officer (End of Squadron)
Minstrel (Степан Разин)
Mozart (Mozart and Salieri)
Lieutenant (Ladies and Hussars)
Kliri (The buyer of children)
Kornelius (The Ides of March)
The leader (Two hours in Paris)
Truffaldino (Turandot)
Baronet de Remyuza (Frederick of the Crime Boulevard)
Eskal (Measure for measure)
Teacher (“The old lady’s visit” The Нaven)
Dmitry Larin (Evgeny Onegin)
Rabbi Aviezer (Smile at us, O Lord)

Gospoda Glembaji- director(staged by Belovich)
Two hours in Paris – director
Last moons — director(staged by Tuminas)
The haven — director(staged by Tuminas)

A. Chekhov “Uncle Vanya” (Et cetera)

M. Gorky «Lady with blue eyes» (тв) —screenwriter and director,
I. Turgenev «Antropka» (TV) — director,
M. Zakharov «600 tallers» (TV) — director

General certificate, 1954
We have met each other, 1954
The things of life, 1958
Yasha Toporkov, 1960
The Duel, 1961
Green Light, 1964
Don Quixote’s Children, 1964
Good Bye Boys!, 1964
The Picture of Dorian Gray(TV-play), 1968
Working Trip (TV-play), 1969
Faust (TV-play), 1969
Abrupt horizon, 1970
Responsible for all, 1972
Goncharny Krug, 1974
Satirikon’s Pages» (TV-play), 1974
John Falstaff (TV-play), 1974
Klara Gazul’s Theatre (TV-play), 1974
Ladies and hussars (TV-play), 1976
D’Artagnan and Three Musketeers, 1978
Antony and Cleopatra (TV-play), 1980
Great Magic(TV-play),1980
Fathers and Children, 1983
Rice grain (TV-play), 1984
Snake catcher, 1985
Black eyes, 1986
Sentence (TV-play), 1989
Anyutiny glazki y baskie glazki, 1990
On the cornet of the Patriarshiye-2, 2001
Pa, 2004
Marriage according to the last will, 2009
The Precipice, 2009