Caligula (2003)

The performance “Caligula” is a romantic tragifarce the participants whereof are forceless before their sovereign, and a human is ad absurdum miserable in his nothingness and servile obedience. Deaf stone walls… Sarcophagus-aquarium on the stage. This is where Caligula (V. Epifantsev) will come from, resembling a fantastic predatory fish. His servants are an innumerable array of obedient marionettes, submitting to any movement of this monster. What can a man given an absolute power over his likes come to? Caligula thinks himself the only free citizen in the Roman Empire. Neither God, nor people created a law which he will humbly bow his head to. Fear is the only feeling which Caligula recognizes as perfect. The passion is cruelty for him, love is violence…

Main Stage

Premiere was on 11 May 2004

Characters & Cast:

Caligula Vladimir Epifantsev
Cesonia Elena Sotnikova
Heligon Spartak Sumchenko
Scipion Yriy Chursin
Herea Oleg Lopuhov
Senect Alexander Grave
Evgeny Karelskih
Merea Anatoliy Menshchikov
Major-domo Aleksandr Prudnicov
Muciy Maksim Bramatkin
Lepid Evgeny Kosyrev
Octavius Sergey Epishev
Drucilla Maria Shastina
Muciy’s wife Olga Lomonosova


Production Pavel Safonov
Scenography Stanislav Morozov
Сostumes Mariya Danilova
Lighting Vladimir Amelin
Translation Yuliya Ginsburg
Choreography Albert Alberts
Music Vladimir Maevskiy