Elena Sotnikova

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1982, course of Stavskaya L.V. In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Since 2004 she has been teaching in the Department of Declamation Art in  B.V. Schukin Theater School.

Participant and author of many informal theater performances, including in Actor’s House, creator of “Women’s Battalion” of Vakhtangov Theater.

Permanent participant of concerts in “Russian Houses” abroad: in Prague, Vienna, Berlin.

In 2008 on “Culture” radio the stories by Guy de Maupassant were recorded “Yvette”, “The Necklace”, “Mademoiselle Fifi” as well as stories by E. Kandalova and radio play “Bright is the Night”, 2004.

Author of the book “Fifth Season” – Moscow, 2004.

A. Nikolskaya: “She resembles a Fair Lady from the era of Silver Age. Tall, with graceful figure, a bunch of streaming fair hair and big transparent eyes, with extremely light flying walk and queenly turn of head, she is different from the women of modern contemporary type. The environment of that woman is ball dresses of whispering expensive fabric, elegant carriages, and boudoirs in the twilight of glimmering candles”.

Sonya (Puck)
Alice (Rose and cross)
Neguse’s wife (Mistery Buff)
Madlen (Summer in Nohant)
Fruzya (Ladies and hussars)
Kitty (Anna Karenina)
Henriette (Three ages of Kazanova)
Jane (Mary Tudor)
Do?a Ana (Little tragedies)
Girl (Key to dreams)
M-me Ivanova (The Zoika’s flat)
Catherine I of Russia (Sire our Lord)
Otradina (Guilty without guilt)
Our love (Notre amour)
Otranse (St.Antony’s miracle)
Elinor (Lion in winter)
Lyubov Ivanovna Otradina (Guilty without guilt)
Adelma (Princess Turandot)
Myrta (White rabbit)
sofja Petrovna Farpuhina (Uncle’s dream)
Cesonia (Caligula)
1st young girl, Princess Polina (The Queen of Spades)
Lisa, Mother Margaret (Cyrano de Bergerac)
Duchess Ekaterina Romanovna Dashkova (Imperial hunt)
Khoroshykh (Last summer in Chulimsk)
Hester (Deep blue sea)
She (Last moons)
Dzenifer Melloyn (Games of the lonely)
Moscow cousin (Eugene Onegin)

Nurse (Law of eternity) — Pushkin Theatre
Do?a Ana (Little tragedies) — Malaya Bronnaya Theatre
Katerina Ivanovna (The Brothers Karamazov) – Продюсерский Vadim Dubrovitsky’s producer centre
Ester (Price) — Anton Chekhov Theatre
Johanna (The Laughing flower)- Mikhail Kozakov’s Theatre
Fish seller (A little silver fish) — National Theatre of Iceland

Practical joke, 1975
Mechanician Gavrilov’s beloved woman, 1981
Theft, 1982
I am called up in spring, 1984
Manka, 1984
After all these years, 1984
Moscow love, 1991
Just do not go…, 1992
Method of killing, 1993
Five actresses on the stage, 1998
Uncle’s dream (TV-play), 2000
Villisy, 2002
Recites poems in the film about Marina Tsvetaeva.

Took part in different talk-shows (“Malakhov+”, “Let them talk”, “Fashionable finding” etc)