Dog in the Manger (2006)

An indisputable strong point of the performance is talented young actors. Charming, beautiful, a bit naive, with fiery eyes, the future stars of the Vakhtangov Theatre met brilliantly the challenge of the stage director Yury Shlykhov.

Flaunting in luxurious costumes to the music of the famous Lucio Dalla and Andrea Bocelli, they presented Lope De Vega’s play just like any true comedy about love should be — easy and informal. Countess Diane de Bellefleure (Elena Tashaeva) is in love with her secretary Theodoro (Alexander Lobanov), who is also attracted to her. But Theodoro’s base descent is an obstacle on the way of the beloved… while Diane selects between feelings and mind, Theodoro, in revenge of naughty Diane, thinks about marrying her servant Marcella (Alena Falaleeva).

Yury Shlukov created a very light, funny and romantic performance where each actor shows his individuality: proud Diane-Tashaeva, and brave Theodor – Lobanov, and плутоватый Tristan –Kharenko, and Noble count Ludovico-Grave.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 8 August 2012

Characters & Cast:

duchess de Bellflore
Elena Tashaeva
Teodoro ,
her secretary
Aleksandr Lobanov
her servants
MarselaAlyona Falaleeva
Alexandra Streltsina
Anastasia Vasilieva
DoroteaValentina Voinova
AnardaAleksandra Prokofyeva
Anastasiya Mikishova
Marquis Ricardo Alexander Koznov
his servant
Egor Ravinsky
Duke Federiko Aleksandr Prudnicov
his servant
Eduard Zosimov
Aleksey Samoylov
Leonid Bichevin
Teodoro’s servant
Andrey Kharenko
Clair Valeriya Lanskaya
her butler
Eugeny Fedorov
her servant
Ivan Mikhailovskyi
Aleksey Samoylov
Duke Ludoviko Alexander Grave
his servant
Eduard Zosimov
Aleksey Samoylov
Leonid Bichevin


Production Yury Shlykov
Stage director Nataliya Sanyko
Scenography Maxim Obrezkov
Decorator-makeup Olga Kalyavina
Lighting Vladimir Amelin
Translation Mikhail Lozinskiy
Choreography Oleg Nikolaev