Yury Shlykov

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1974, course of  V..K. Lvova.

In the period from 1976 to 1979 he was an actor of Taganka Theater of  Drama and Comedy.

In 1981 he was admitted to the company of  Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Professor of Department of  Acting of B.V. Schukin Theater School.

Bertran (Rose and Cross)
Vronsky (Anna Karenina)
Edilbay (A Day Longer Than a Century)
Jukov (Half-page sitrep)
Deputy chairman (The Cabinet Story)
The Chairman (The Little tragedies)
Rober (The Zoika’s flat)
Goustav (Resurrection)
Count Gloster (Лир)
Ismail (Turandot)
Yusuf (Ali Baba and forty thieves )
Chripach, Veriga (The little demon)
Unknown (Masquerade)
Head of the city (“The old lady’s visit” The Haven)
Stepan Trofimovich Verhovenskiy (Demons)
Prince (Eugene Onegin)

«Dog in the manger» Lope de Vega, 2006

The Basics, 1973
Two days in fear, 1973
Your rights, 1974
Big ocean races, 1976
We are together, Mom, 1977
Lullaby, 1977
Wind of hope, 1977
Invitation to dance 1977
Temptation, 1978
One’s own happiness, 1979
The Bear in the North, 1979
The Key, 1979
Long days, short weeks.., 1980
Inspector Losev, 1981
Men’s alarms, 1985
Odessa’s feat, 1985
The Complaint, 1986
Only I know, 1986
Nikolay Podvoysky, 1987
The Law, 1989
Short game, 1990
Between Saturady and Sunday, 1991
Under Berkut’s , 1991
The Farewell, 1992
Sensitive Policeman, 1992
You my dear…,1992
American Grandfather, 1993
Possessed, 1997
Looking down, 2002 (series)
Settings master, 2004
Dasha Vasilieva the deective. 2006 (Сериал)
Signs of love, 2006
Breaking news, 2008
Twice into the same river 2008
Wolf Messing, 2009
Airforces, 2009
Jurov, 2009
Harry Power’s interrupted flight, 2009
Taiga’s mistress, 2009
Volkov’s hour — 3, 2009
Gift of fortune, 2009
Duels, 2011
The police comrades, 2011
Zhukov, 2011
Milfs, 2011
Immediately in the room-3, 2011
The Haven (film-performance), 2011
Mar’ina Roshcha, 2012
Lucky in love, 2012
Eugene Onegin (film-performance), 2013
Wild 4, 2014
Masquerade (film-performance), 2014