Alexander Abdullov’s Prize for the VIII International Festival of Cinema Debuts The Spirit of Fire (for the role in Ashberry Waltz), 2010
Prize of the V International film festival “In the family” in the category “Best male role” in the film ash waltz”), 2010
Prize XX festival “Literature and cinema” in Gatchina in the nomination “the best actor” in the film Kuprin” (“Darkness”), 2014

Carmen (Theatre of Andzelika Chоlina)

Three Semi Graces, 2005
More Important Than Love, 2006
Human Remains, 2007
Teacher in Law, 2007
Enclosed Ares, 2008
Once in province, 2008
Cops and Robbers, 2008
Morphine, 2008
Heaven Has No Favorites, 2009
The Last Meeting, 2009
Ashberry Waltz, 2010
Fig Sunday, 2010
Hitchhiker, 2010
The Group of Happiness, 2011
The Wild, 2010
Turbulence, 2009
Everyone Has Got His Own Struggle, 2010
Dragon’s Syndome, 2011
A Girl And The Death, 2012
Dragon Syndrome, 2012
Kuprin, 2014
Chagall and Malevich, 2014
Stuntman, 2014