Agnessa Peterson

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1960, course of V.K. Lvova.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Sofja (An untitled play)
A visiter of the restaraunt (Ragnar?k)
Natasha (Lost son)
Slave (Princess Turandot)
Waiter (Married cook)
Guest (Idiot)
Country woman (Virineya)
Lisa (Children of the Sun)
Typist (Man with a gun)
Guest (Woman behind the green door)
Lilya (Theatre’s youth)
Lawyer (From the life of a business lady)
Elena (What people live for)
French woman (Mistery Buff)
Servily (The Ides of March)
Eudokiya, queen (Sire our lord)
Matilda (St.Antony’s miracle)
Agnes Pringle (The Promised land)
Frau Fahrenkopf (Iguana’s night)
Lucy Mericur (God be with you)
2nd old maid (The Queen of Spades)
Ms Gusman (Don Juan and Sganarelle)
Natalia Nikolaevna Kruglova (Money, money, money everywhere…)
Resident of the boardinghouse (Last moons)
Ivona’s aunt (Princess Ivona)
Garanina (Parting tour)
Resident of the village of Mishkin (Smile at us, O Lord)

Underwater shelves, 1958
There was an old man and an old woman, 1964
Destiny plays the man (TV-play), 1968
A lady hunting (TV-play), 1970
Thousand of souls (TV-play), 1971
Trap (TV-play), 1972
Ladies and hussars (TV-play), 1976
Doctor of philosophy (TV-play), 1976
Mistery Buff (TV-play), 1982
God be with you (TV-play), 1985