Ladies and Hussars (1960)

This witty musical performance ascended to vaudeville tradition of “Lev Gurych Sinichkin”. The plot about how an old hussar and his friends who spent their vacation in bachelor amusements turned from woman-haters to passionate woman admirers was full of fuss and endless confusion. Actors enjoyed being on the stage and each was good in his own way. But the most unexpected was Yury Yakovlev in the role of the old major. The performer of roles of young intellectuals and фатов dandies suddenly appeared in the role of a sixty-year-old war dog, kind crackpot, trustful and naive. First this role was supposed to be given to Ruben Simonov, but he refused saying he is done in, and then assured he couldn’t have played like Yakovlev.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 22 October 1960