Aleksey Zavialov

Aleksey Zavialov was born on December 17, 1974 in Volgograd.After graduation Alexey who has chosen acting as the main cause of his life, went to Moscow and enrolled in drama school named after BV Shchukin to the course Shlykova. According to the memoirs, Alexey was one of the brightest students of the course.He graduated from the Theater School B.V. Shchukin in 1996.In the same year he was admitted to the troupe of Eugene Vakhtangov.”He was called “our Mozart” in the theater. “Zavyalov really was a unique actor, and seemed able to master everything – drama, comedy, farce. Perfect face of lover, a hero – tall, textured, with expressive blue eyes – he was the best, after Basil Lanovoy, Calaf in the legendary “Turandot.” And no less famous “Mademoiselle Nitouche” – undoubtedly the best in the history of the play Shamplatro lieutenant.In another legend by Vakhtangov – “Miracle of St. Anthony” – Zavialov struck not only spectators, but zealots of theatrical history. Pyotr Fomenko, who staged this plays, entrusted him with the central age role. Instead of the old man came on stage with a stately, handsome face of a cherub, and naive child. Comic and dramatic effect, as an effective in this setting, provided the sweet simplicity and credulity to Zavyalova hero.Easy, elegant, he also knew how to be funny, charming fool in “Amphitryon” and possessed a rare quality in these times – could play the role of the costume. He walked the same coat and uniform, a hat with plumes and powdered wig, antique and modern toga jacket.It rapidly grew professionally. The last role in the theater – the play Kazarin Rimas Tuminas “Masquerade” – thanks to his game has become one of the most important. In Lermontov’s play showed up unexpectedly causing pity, disgust and sympathy for the hero of Dostoevsky’sAlexei Zavialov just started to approach the best actor of age – 40 years. It was all in front.And in the theater and the cinema, where he took in demand, but few affordable intellectual niche in a male hero with irresistible charm. His fans adored and appreciated by professionals, painfully aware that his creative mission so suddenly and tragically cut short “(Alla Shevelev).Zavialov died after severe injuries as a result of a failed parachute jump at Kolomna, near Moscow on September 30, 2011.

Neighbor (Cylinder)
Philippe (The Lion in Winter)
Astolfo (Life is a Dream)
Bourgeois (For Two Hares)
St. Anthony (The Miracle of St. Anthony)
Jupiter in the look of Amphitryon (Amphitryon)
Quarterly (Catching two rabbits …)
Oswald, Goneril Butler (Lear)
Calaf (Turandot)
The Duke of York (Frederick Boulevard or offenses)
Count Grigory Orlov (Royal Hunt)
Sirhan (Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves)
Lieutenant Fernand de Shamplatro (Mademoiselle Nitouche)
Vasily Dmitrievich Dosuzhev (Everywhere money, money, money …)
Milovzorov (Guilty Without Guilt)
Jesus Maria Corcoran (true legend of a quarter)
Son (Last of the Moon)
Kazarin (Masquerade)

“Players,” “Woe from Wit” and “Kitchen” (Theatre company 814 ”
“Shylock” (Theatre “Et cetera” n \ r A. Kalyagin)
“Torquato Tasso” (GM Atrium Pushkin)
“Ugly,” “valve” (Theatre of “The Practice”)
“Enough” (the role of Ivan Turgenev in the Pushkin State Museum)
“I love you. Office Love” (Club STORY).

We play “The Little Prince”, 1996
Woe from Wit (photoplay), 2000
Amphitryon (photoplay), 2003
Saved under the birches, 2003
Women’s logic – 3, 2003
Sins of the Fathers, 2004 (Serial)
Cop War, 2004 (Serial)
The island without love, 2004
Shipping from Mars, 2005
Tambov wolf, 2005 (Serial)
Adjutants of Love, 2005 (Serial)
Bay of fear, 2006
Cop Wars 2, 2006 (Serial)
Cop Wars 3, 2007 (Serial)
Airport-2, 2006
Maltese Cross, 2007
Day of Wrath, 2007 (Serial)
Kings of the game (The Pretender), 2007 (Serial)
Agency alibi, 2007 (Serial)
Atlantis, 2007 (Cerial)
My Happiness, 2008
Kings Game, 2008
Bay of fear, 2008
Cop Wars 4, 2008 (Serial)
Havana, 2008 (short)
Manticore, 2008
Cop War. Epilogue, 2009 (Serial)
Prodigal children, 2009
Cream, 2010 (Serial)
The Man Who Knew Everything, 2009, 2010
You ordered the murder, 2010
Zoe (Bullet for the actress), 2010
In the forests and mountains, 2010
Flowers by Lisa, 2010
Last minute, 2010 (“Love Me Tight”)
One for all, 2010-11
Dove, 2011
Winter Tango 2011
House of Wind, 2011