Dmitry Zhuravlev

People’s Artist of the USSRDmitry Zhuravlev was born on October 11 (24), 1900 in the village Alekseevka, Kharkov province.His artistic career began at Simferopol Drama Theater in 1920.In 1922 – 1923 he studied at the Moscow Drama Studio of M. Minai. At the same time playing in the troupe of E. Lyubimov-Lensky at Kalyaev People’s House.In 1924 – 1928 he studied at the third studio MHT.He worked in the theater of Eugene Vakhtangov from1927 to 1939.Since 1928 Zhuravlev began performing in concerts with the reading of poems by Pushkin, Alexander Blok, Vladimir Mayakovsky, the stories of Isaac Babel, Zoshchenko. Soon, he devotes himself to the art of artistic expression. In 1931 he performed with his first solo concert in the small hall of the Moscow Conservatory. The program was “Egyptian Nights” by A. Pushkin, Mayakovsky’s poems. The first director of its program was Gardt E., and subsequent Zhuravlev prepared with E. Efron. In 1937. D. Zhuravlev at the 1st All-Union Competition Readers won second place.Since 1939. – Soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic.Large place in the repertoire of Dmitry Zhuravlev occupied the national classics of literature: Pushkin (Egyptian Nights, 1931, The Bronze Horseman, 1935 Queen of Spades, 1940, lyrics), Lermontov (poems, 1941; Valerik, Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov, 1964) , Turgenev (Singers, 1934; Yermolai and miller, Peter Karataev, 1948), Tolstoy (chapters of the novel War and Peace, 1935, 1942), Chekhov (The Lady with the Dog, Male, 1939, Entourage, in Christmas time, jokes, Tosca, The House with the Mezzanine, 1954), Blok (Twelve, Scythians, 1957).From the repertoire of European authors: P. Merimee (Carmen, 1937), Guy de Maupassant (Moonlight, Happiness, Miss Harrnet, 1952).Modern poetry: Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, E. Bagritsky,  A. Twardowski.He taught at the Moscow Art Theater School named after Nemirovich-Danchenko.Dmitry Zhuravlev died on July 1, 1991.

Prompter (Lev Gurych Sinichkin, 1924)
A man (Virineya, 1925)
Dudin (Badgers, 1927)
Slesarev (The Blood, 1928)
Poet (Zoyka apartment, 1928)
The venerable old man (Conspiracy of Feelings, 1929)
Miller (Intrigue and Love, 1930)
The actor (Hamlet, 1932)
Jouvet (Intervention, 1933)
Sasha (little man) (Aristocrats, 1935)

Journey to Erzerum (directed by M. Levine, 1937) – the role of Alexander Pushkin.