Maria Rival

She graduated from the Theater school named after Boris Schukin in 2008, course of M.P. Semakov.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Woman from Odessa (White acacia)
Fatima (Ali Baba and forty thieves )
Chimera (Dedication to Eva)
Near you (The Coast of Women )
Chimka (If you run after two hares…)
Poor relative (The Queen of Spades)
Sonka (Uncle’s dream)
Stepka (Just people)
French woman (“Player” The Haven)
Dasha (Demons)
Guest (Anna Karenina)
Masha (Okayomovs’ Lifetime)
Petty thieves , wolves, recruits (Smile at us, O Lord)
“Bunny” (Eugene Onegin)

Ba’al (Drama and stage direction centre of Alexey Kazantsev and Mikhail Roschin)

Luba, children and factory, 2005-2006
Medical secrecy, 2006
Elevator (Short film), 2006
Commercial break, 2006
Love simply, 2006-2007
School N1, 2007
Fathers’ daughters, 2007-2010
My mummy’s choice, 2008
Kings of play, 2008
The crime will be solved (Episode «From love to death»), 2008
Students of the Kremlin, 2009
Unworthy heir, 2009
Track, 2009
Uni 100-th episode, 2009
I will show you Moscow, 2009
Suburbs, 2009-2010
Small yard, 2010