Uncle’s Dream

The premiere held on 2000, 11. 22

The anecdote drawn by Fyodor Dostoevsky into a small town morals description in a classic Vladimir Ivanov’s performance is somewhat a benefit of Vladimir Etush who plays the part of old prince and Mariya Aronova in the role of Moskaleva. This brilliant duet shares several hours of inimitable humorous performance.

The director of the performance Vladimir Ivanov follows the canon that had already become famous and brings us to a 19th century small town in a touching and elegant manner. Here Mariya Aleksandrovna Moskaleva endeavours to marry her daughter off to a decrepit prince.

Nothing will stop her on the way to ‘happy marriage’ – nor her neighbors’ intrigues, nor her husband’s folly, not the nephew of the prince (Oleg Makarov) who is in love with Zina (Anna Dubrovskaya). All the obstacles are vincible for a hawkish mother except her daughter’s decency and integrity.

Keeping the best traditions of the Vakhtangov’s school Vladimir Ivanov presents the performance as a sort of the expensive antique piece, affirming once again the immortality of the good old classics.

Running time: 3 hours 25 min with one intermission.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Main Stage

Premiere was on 22 November 2000

Characters & Cast:

Prince. K
Yet God knows what's the old man, and yet, looking at him, involuntarily comes to mind that it has decayed, or rather, frayed
Vladimir Etush
Mariya Aleksandrovna Moskaleva
Certainly, the first lady in Mordasov
Maria Aronova
Afanasy Matveevich
husband of Maria Alexandrovna, in extreme cases somehow lost and looks like a sheep, which saw a new gate
Andrei Zaretskiy
Mikhail Vaskov
Dmitry Kravtsov
Spartak Sumchenko
Zinaida Afanasievna
the only daughter of Maria Alexandrovna and Athanasius Matveevichun, doubtedly beautiful, perfectly brought up, but she is twenty-three years, and she still is not married
Anna Dubrovskaya
Pavel Aleksandrovich Mozglyakov
young, good-looking, dandy, has a hundred and fifty unmortgaged souls, citizen of St. Petersburg. A bit insane
Oleg Makarov
Nastasia Petrovna Zyablova
widow, who lives in the house of Maria Alexandrovna, as a distant relative. She would really like to get married again
Elena Ivochkina
Lidiya Konstantinova
Sophia Petrovna Farpukhina
certainly the most eccentric lady in Mordasov. Obsessed that she is a colonel
Elena Sotnikova
Natalia Moleva
Olga Tumaikina
Anna Nikolaevna Antipova
Prosecutor. Sworn enemy of Maria Alexandrovna, although her appearance is like a sincere friend and follower
Marina Esipenko
Lidia Velezhova
Nonna Grishaeva
Natalia Dmitrievna Paskudina
nicknamed the "kit". For three week she is a sincere friend of Anna Nikolaevna
Irina Dymchenko
Alexandra Streltsina
The Mordasov choir
Felisata Mikhaylovna
great frivolous, pretty tricky, of course - Gossip
Vera Novikova
Natalia Moleva
Luisa Karlovna
German by birth, but has Russian mentality and heart
Irina Kalistratova
Praskovia Ilyinishna
has an offended face, wiping watery eyes and blowing his nose
Inna Alabina
Liubov Korneva
Katerina Petrovna
has luxury forms that resemble the best times of mankind
Elena Melnikova
Akulina Panfilovna
very strange girl, almost half-wit
Anna Antonova
Ekaterina Simonova
Vera Novikova
daughter of Natalia Paskudinoy, fifteen years and is still in a short dress, just to the knee
Maria Rival
Ekaterina Kramzina
Maria Berdinskikh
orphan, in a short dress too, but more above the knee
Maria Berdinskikh
Ekaterina Kramzina
Asya Domskaya
Maria Rival
old valet and a favorite of Prince
Anatoliy Menshchikov
faithful servant of Athanasius Matveevich
Evgeny Kosyrev
Vladislav Gandrabura
Pavel Safonov


Director Vladimir Ivanov
Set design and costumes Yury Galperin
Music Tatiana Agaeva
Make-up artist Olga Kalyavina
Lighting designer Vladimir Amelin
Choreography Tatyana Borisоvа
Musicians Iya Mustafina
Natalya Turiyanskaya
Olga Zhevlakova
Polina Evlanova
Evgeniy Poltorakov