Vera Novikova

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1979,  course of E.R. Simonov and V.K. Lvova.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Neguse’s wife (Mistery Buff)
Olga Solyanik (Thruth of memory)
Sofja (Ladies and hussars)
Anya, forester’s daughter (Wounded)
Laura (Little tragedies)
Dunya (Rus! Bravo!)
1st irresponsible lady (The Zoika’s flat)
Lusy (Opera of the poor)
Dorothy Wikhem (The Promise land)
Felisata Mikhailovna (Uncle’s dream)
Philistine (If you run after two hares……)
Zelime, Turandot’s slave (Princess Turandot)
Ms Morales (A truthful story of some quarter)
The Coast of Women
Schipalina (Parting tour)
Esther (“Price” The Нaven)
Countess Vronskiy (Anna Karenina)
Marcellina (Follies of a day, or The Marriage of Figaro)

I have an idea! 1977
Comrade Nikanorova is waiting for you 1978
Close distance 1979
A trip around the city (almanac), 1979
Money-box, 1980
Krosh’s holidays, 1980
A ring from Amsterdam, 1981
Mistery Buff (TV-play), 1982
Donkey’s skin 1982
Chance 1984
Tchelyuskintsy, 1984
Queen Margo 1996
Naked 1998
Uncle’s dream (TV-play), 2000
New Year’s Eve in November, 2000
Vovochka, 2002
Stand or fall, 2003
To spend an evening, 2003
Always say “always” – 6, 2010
The Coast of Women, 2012