Cemetery Club (2015)

translation of M. Barsky

The premiere held on 2015. 11. 21

How should one live, as the years go by and the most precious in life is lost after the death of beloved husbands? Ida, Lucille and Doris have their own recipe: they create a “cemetery club” and get together every month in a place of eternal rest, talking to and about their husbands.

One of the three friends, Doris, has come to terms with the fact that the past won’t let her go. The other one studiously pretend to be easy blessed by her husband’s shadow and is set free into a new life. The third widow- quite unexpectedly – experiences mutual love, which becomes a real test for the “cemetery club”.

Running time: 2 hours 30 min with one intermission.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Main Stage

Premiere was on 22 September 2015


Director Algirdas Latenas
Set designer Gintaras Makarevicius
Costumes Sandra Straukayte
Music Faustas Latenas