Vladimir Moskvin

Vladimir Ivanovich Moskvin was born on 15 March 1904 in Moscow.He was Yevgeny Vakhtangov’s student (1920-1922).He worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1920 till 1952.Vladimir Moskvin has played about 50 parts at the Theatre.For many years he taught at the Schukin Theatre School.  “’Image’ fragments, staged by Moskvinn and his students, were always popular with audience.Professionals came to see not how the fragment was staged, but how Moskvin’s students would play. Everyone knew that the ‘explosive power’ of Vladimir Ivanovich would make every more or less gifted person play brilliantly. Never has he started the work with a student not to finish it successfully.” (Sergey Yevlakhishvili)Among his favourite students were Yury Yakovlev and Mikhail Ukyanov.Vladimir Ivanovich Moskvin died on 30 May 1958.

Zein Ben-Umeyda (Comedies of Merimee, 1924)
Lad (Virineya, 1925)
Yegor Brykin (Badgers, 1927)
Biryukov (On Blood, 1928)
Kavalerov (Conspiracy of Feelngs, 1929)
Fortinbras (Hamlet, 1932)
Laptev (Yegor Bukychov and Others, 1932)
Gubin (Dostigaev and Others, 1933)
Lavrenty (Dalyokoe, 1935)
Limon (The Aristocrats, 1935)
Neznamov (Guilty without Guilt, 1937)
Yevtushenko (The Man with a Gun, 1937)
Denis Davydov (Field-Marshal Kutuzov, 1940)
Dikoy (The Storm, 1944)

Minin i Pozharskiy, 1939